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Tamara (tamaracat) | 155 comments Mod
This is a place to discuss Possession by AS Byatt through the end of the book. Please place spoilers under a spoiler tag like so... (< spoiler> < / spoiler> with the spaces removed.

Laura (seegles) I finally finished the book! Overall I liked it, especially the mystery-thiller feel of the ending. However, I do feel that the plot and character development could have been accomplished successfully in about half the number of pages.

I actually watched the movie Possession this weekend - it's available on Netflix streaming. The more I thought about it, this book makes a pretty good movie plot. However, they made Roland a visiting scholar from America, and completely eliminated Val and Leonora. If you can get past Gwyneth Paltrow and her fake British accent, I recommend it! :)

Overall I liked the book and the author's style. I will be checking out some of her other stuff - I just bought Babel Tower at a book sale.
Looking forward to next months's book!

Mercedes (villadinorah) One would have to suspend belief a lot to accept the behavior of art historians, indeed of any academician, in this novel.

John (kiwiinhove) | 4 comments I really enjoyed Possession. As one commentator said you have to suspend your belief of what an art historian does. The story is captivating though with the romance and link to the protagonists. The fictional poet who finds a love with someone who is his equal and also a different love for his wife. The detective work after the discovery of the old letter is a journey of discovery.

I never would have read this book if it had not been a Man Booker prize winner. I am glad now to have been introduced to the author.

George (georgejazz) | 480 comments Mod
Yes, I too enjoyed this novel, though it was a long time ago and I have been meaning to read two of her books that are on my bookshelf, ‘The Children’s Book’ and ‘The Virgin in the Garden’. Her sister, Margaret Drabble, is also worth reading. I enjoyed ‘The Red Queen’ and hope to read ‘The Radiant Way’ this year. Both are listed in Boxall’s ‘1001 Books you must read before you die’. (2006 edition)

Rick Patterson | 35 comments (view spoiler)

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