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What characters are you using?

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in game ones?

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I am going to make a new one up, Becca.

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etc etc etc!!!

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I have no idea, just a normal 1x1?

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look at CS's and I's or Allison and I's.

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reality fiction

2 each

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ok! so who is who?

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i don't really care, but not vampires as much.

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you guys decide I have to go! i'll be on in the morning!

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ok! I like it too!

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I will

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Rose Tyler (Magic_Is_My_Life) | 49 comments ummm... want to tell u guys this b4 u start: that is pretty much the EXACT storyline for HushHush.

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so... who is ready to start?

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yeah, I have to go soon!

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me too!

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15, 16...

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what am I doing?

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ok! where do I make it?

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oh.. ok!

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Name: Ryan D.
Age: 16
Appearance: Light skin color, light brown hair with a natural blond highlights, with vibrant blue eyes, almost too blue ( He is extremely muscular, and he is pretty much at a normal height, maybe a little taller.
Attire: the one on the right and the middle.
Personality: He keeps to himself.
History: He has nothing to share.
Other: Ryan has gray and black wings, patterns like this his wings are 12 ft wingspan.

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yeah... probably.

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haha! That's cool! I am the angel right?

i don't think we did agree on one...

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ok! that sounds good!

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ok! so we will start now?

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((we are starting?))

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((ok.. did you start already or what?))

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Lizette walked out of the school doors, the bell rang as she walked out, saying school was out for the day. She waved to her friends and made her way to the bike rack where her bike was sitting

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Ryan walked out of the school doors, watching carefully if Lizette was in danger. He walked down the stone steps and walked over to the brown grass and stood next to the overgrown bush to hide himself.

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Ryan looked towards the girl, and realized she was leaving. He found a group walking in her direction, and immediately joined the group. Lizette was going to be in trouble.

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Ryan kept following her, but then the group kept walking, while Lizette turned.... what was he going to do?

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Ryan walked right into someone and he fell to the ground, as well as the other guy. "Oh... sorry." He said, and then he sensed something.... "Are you.... oh nevermind."

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"Yeah, thanks for asking." Ryan said to the girl who just ran over. Lizette wasn't supposed to see him. He looked over at the boy he knocked over. He had a siren going off in his head, why? Then he realized that this guy, laying on the ground, was an Exiled Angel..

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"Yeah... Thanks. Want to walk home with me though? It's right down here."

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"Oh, I figured it out alright." Ryan said, directing what he said towards Raven.

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"I don't think so!" Ryan said, walking in front of him. He then saw Lizette fall. "Are you ok?" He called over.

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LUCKY DUCKY M~THE INSANE DUCKY~ wrote: "((What was the order we would post again? I forgot lol))"

((you, me and then Cs.))

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"Fine.." He said under his breath, walking the other way. "I'll be watching out for you though!" He then walked over towards Lizette. "You sure?" He said, looking at her hands.

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"Who knows! Do you mind if I walk with you?"

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"Thanks. I haven't really walked home with people lately."

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"Ryan. What's yours?" Ryan asks, looking back to see Raven lift off.

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