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message 1: by Phil (last edited Aug 28, 2013 12:14PM) (new)

Phil | 11626 comments Anyone want to step up and defend fracking? Any response to articles like this?

The reality of climate change, with all its catastrophic consequences to come, is accepted science now, and the U.S. public is more and more concerned about the issue according to polls. Yet the energy industry, its promoters and the politicians who serve it keep insisting that the U.S. needs to produce more natural gas, whatever the environmental cost.

In an era of human-driven climate change and deadly oil wars, the oil executives, banksters, industry-controlled politicians and subservient media outlets feed us nonsense about how the solution lies in in "domestic energy security"--which requires increasingly fracked backyards, continent-spanning oil pipelines and the continuing destruction of the global ecosystem.


Industrial chemical pollution, toxic water, carcinogens and radiation are all byproducts of the fracking process. Common risks include gas seeping into groundwater; spent water not being properly contained, so it goes back into groundwater; toxic mud being dumped into streams and lakes; and methane and carcinogenic hydrocarbons vented into the air. Common symptoms of the many diseases and health conditions to result from fracking include nausea, rashes and nosebleeds. People in fracked areas fear higher incidents of asthma and cancer. And then there is the flammable water, dead plant and animal life, and the threat of more frequent earthquakes.

My sources tend to lean green, so if you're more inclined to defend the oil & gas industry than to picket them, please share and tell me why fracking is really a good thing.

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Misha (ninthwanderer) I don't know nearly enough about fracking. I'm looking forward to an informative and spirited debate.

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