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Leave a Trace Chapter One

My name is Detective Jonathan Hampton, and it’s a cool, breezy night here in New York City. I’m standing right in the spot where a crime scene occurred a year ago. Let me tell you what happened. It was, ooh, I think October 18th. On such a night like this. I hadn’t been out much that day either. I was sitting in my office, at my desk, playing a game of Sudoku, which I am rather good at, in the New York Times. Suddenly my boss called for me. “John!” he shouted as he speed walked past my office. “Guess this will have to be put on hold.” I sighed to myself. I hadn’t even finished it. It may take me a while to figure out where all of the numbers go in the boxes, but I eventually get it. Anyway, I drank one more huge gulp of my coffee and dashed out the door to catch up to my partner Detective Jude Simthson who was walking beside my boss. I followed behind till we reached our “Sacred Lodging”, which was pretty much our meeting room, but we just called it that for looks. Our boss stopped to catch his breath. In one hand, he held a folder with the name written along the side in bold DERRICK JACOBS. Which I guessed had pictures of Derrick Jacobs in it. I was right, as usual. In his other hand, he set down our guns on the table. Which my gun was my pride and joy. My baby. Such a pretty, black, berreta . At home of course, you were never aloud to show it to your kids, but here you kept it on you every day. Anyway. “Yeah?” Jude asked with a mouth full of gum. He always chewed gum, which made me mad cause I don’t like gum. Our boss, who was a rather heavy set man, but also good looking, still didn’t have it all together, but began to tell us anyway.
“We have a major issue,” he panted while talking with his hands. “One of our most fiercest criminals has escaped our fair city’s community prison.” He was always like that. Trying to be so poetic. I smiled. “Let me guess, Derrick Jacobs has escaped right?” I asked now with a wide grin written across my face. “Exactly, “ my boss always liked it when I was right. He gave me a high five as Jude stared with ignorance. I patted Jude’s shoulder, who was standing there, arms crossed like an angered child. “Well, there are several charges against him such as a mass killing spree. FIVE people in ONE NIGHT! Can you believe it? It’s just crazy!” my boss, who stood there hands on hips and shaking his head, was evidently more shocked then we were. We stood there staring at him without saying a word. “I need you two to go out and patrol and search for this hideous man.” He commanded with a disgusted look on his face. I looked back down at the criminal’s picture. He was bald, had a goatee, a ton of tattoos, and a lot of piercing. I hate piercing anything that’s on my body. Anyway. Derrick also looked so depressed in his picture.
We stood there waiting for our boss to leave. “Good luck men and god speed.” He wished us luck. He then darted out of the room leaving us two, handsome looking men alone. I raced back to my office, threw on my black trench coat and grabbed my holster and threw my berreta in it. I grabbed my badge, my Sudoku game and pencil, and rushed out the door. I put the newspaper in an inside pocket in my coat. “Ready Jude?” I asked as I waited till he came out of his office. He stepped out and we left. It was about the same time now, oh 9:30 P.M. We got into my Chevy Impala and sped away. Suddenly, we heard other sirens go off so I turned on mine and sped to where the others were going. Quickly, I slammed on the breaks and rushed out to see what happened. Here, at this very corner, lay a man, and woman, who looked to be a very young happy couple. They were dead. Next to the man, lay a gun, like a Colt or something. My coat flew behind me with the wind. The man was sprawled in an awkward position away from his fiancée and his fiancée was sprawled up against the light pole. I stepped over the woman laying against the light pole and grabbed for the gun. Next to the woman were pieces of the pearl necklace that she must have been wearing before she was killed. I walked over to the man. He looked very handsome. Next to him were foot prints, like bloody foot prints. “JUDE!” I called him loudly over the ruckus. He rushed over still chewing gum. “Look, foot prints, in blood.” I pointed to the ground. In the bag I had held the Colt that Derrick must have used to kill the young couple with. It had bloody hand prints on it. I got up from being crouched over and followed to where the foot prints lead. Near where the man and woman lay, was a parking garage. I pulled out my berreta and Jude pulled out his cougar magnum. Then I pulled out my flash light. We slowly reached the garage. There were a lot of foot prints. Derrick didn’t seem to be the smartest person to not leave a trace. We followed them through and between the row of cars. We stopped and heard a groaning noise. We quietly turned and followed the other footsteps and the stopped behind the car where Derrick lay. We heard him stand up.
We jumped up and turned the corner. I quickly showed him my badge. “You are under arrest for the murder of Cathy and Jordan Hamilton.” I proudly told him while Jude quickly maneuvered behind him and hand cuffed him. Derrick looked angry and fierce. “I will escape again,” he angrily gritted his teeth. He then spat at the point of my shoes. I jumped back. We walked on either side of Derrick, while Jude made sure he didn’t escape. Derrick walked past the couple he had murdered. I opened the door to the back of my car and shoved him in. “It’s all clear!” I gave the other cops a thumbs up and got in the drivers side of the car. We sped back to the police station where our boss was proudly waiting. We stepped out of the car and harshly grabbed Derrick. Our boss had a wide grin on his face as we shoved Derrick into the Secured Prison.. with all of our lunatics an psychos. Derrick was not smart at all with not leaving a trace. I was finally able to relax and finish my Sudoku problem.

Prelude to next chapter

Find Him Without Rest

Remember me right? Yeah, Detective Jonathan but you can just call me Jon… and I still haven’t figured out that dumb Sudoku puzzle yet. Well, right now I’m about to take a break and go check out how all of our crazed psychos are doing. So I walked down to the secured cell, with my pal Jude. Coffee in hand, we turned the corner. I stood at the door, put in the code, and walked in. To my shock, all of the Lunatics and psychos were dead on the floor. Some choked to death, and others hung, as if it were like in the old times at the gallows. The only person I guessed missing was Derrick Jacobs. I quickly raced back to the boss. This time we would find him without rest.

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nice thats really good

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SLIM SHADY Gontier (heroesfreak) | 21 comments Mod
ha ha thanks It took me a while to come up with the idea. But Im hopin to continue with it.

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