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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
sraaaatch scraaatch bump , scraaaatch scratch bump - through the haze of my dream the sound of the record player tone arm stuck on the record invaded my mind with the same irritating intensity as any normal morning alarm. I wanted to get up , smash the thing to smithereens and get back to my cozy heaven. I was suddenly sharp, alert and awake ! I HAD NO RECORD PLAYER!!! scraaatch, scraaatch, scratch... the sound grew louder in tune with awareness and awakening almost as if it was beckoning me...

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 15 comments I looked out my bedroom window and I saw It. The thing or It looked like a cat only it had a human head. It was clawing up a chalk board, ever so often would bump its' head on the board. I WAS GOING CRAZY WITH NOISE. What should....

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