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Why Does Inspector Hewitt Use "P" to Symbolize Flavia?
S.W. Gordon S.W. Aug 27, 2013 07:32PM
Why does Inspector Hewitt use the capital letter "P" to symbolize Flavia in his notebook? In my review, I speculate that it could stand for poison, precocious, pain (as in pain in the @$$), protege or pie. In statistics, the p-value is a measure of probability. In TV, "P" means product placement and Mr. Bradley is a retired TV engineer. Anyone else care to chime in?

What characteristics do phosphorus (chemical symbol "P") and Flavia share?

S.W. Gordon Good call, Julie! Phosphorus comes from the Greek words light-bearer. Flavia is a little detective who sheds light on the mystery. Phosphorus is used ...more
Sep 04, 2013 06:10PM · flag

My guesses would be pain, pest or persistent :)

I thought it was for precocious!

I am with Grinelda - Pest would be my guess.

precocious would be my guess or perceptive or pest.

You guys are good! I didn't even notice that he did that!

I vote P is for Precocious also!


My money would also be on P for Precocious.

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