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Summer 2013(Valley of the Dolls) > Valley of the Dolls - seems like we just need a second thread to end things

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Kathleen Seems like things tapered off in that first thread...

Finally finished the book, love is dead, pills are bad, show-business is probably worse but more profitable etc. etc.

Anyone want to start another book for fall?

Grace | 3 comments How timely, I read Valley of the Dolls earlier in the summer. I wrote a not-so-nice review of it on here after I finished it. I absolutely hated it and won't pick it up again- V.C. Andrews supplies my trashy, guilty pleasure reads. I thought Ann was the most boring person ever and Neely was just despicable by the end. Jennifer was alright, but..COME ON, the anal scene and then we find out that Tony is mentally challenged?? She wasn't too bright either. That part was just soo weird.

I skimmed over the last 100 pages or so because I got so bored with it and felt like I was wasting my time. It's really hard for me to like a book where there's not one single likeable character (that I found). I can sometimes forgo decent writing in favor of a good story, but I didn't even think it had that going for it.

Kathleen It was slightly more interesting to me once I found out that it was semi-based on actual people from old Hollywood (clearly I knew nothing about this book going in), but even then it was a mish mash of different people, rumours, and the author not liking Dean Martin in an interview for reading a comic book (hence Tony).

It really was surprisingly boring for a book that was supposed to be so salacious though. I'm probably jaded by the internet age of easily accessible erotica.

Grace | 3 comments My brother had read it a few years ago and recommended it to me. Maybe I should have known better, because I have no interest in anything Hollywood, even old Hollywood. I can *maybe* see how it was a little "scandalous" 50 or so years ago, when people weren't exposed to the amount of sex and violence that we are today, and people also didn't discuss drug addiction either and now I can turn on the TV and watch Intervention and how many other shows about addicts and drug and alcohol abuse.

But "sexy"? Really? That's what the back of my book proclaims and I found noooothing sexy in this book. There was certainly nothing sexy about Anne- she was so pathetic to me. Maybe it was "sexy" to people because some of this stuff was taboo to talk about? Otherwise, I don't get it.

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