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(Football, soccer, etc.)

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Griffin was sitting around waiting for his sister to show up

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Griffin saw a girl walk on to the field, she was a pretty girl, she was looking at a poster that she had pulled out of her pocket, she was starting at it and that made him vary curious about her

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Griffin smiled at she looked around, he stood up and kept looking at her "I'm over here" he chuckled and crossed his arms

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Griffins eyes widened as he felt a pain on his chest, he didn't like the feeling of the pain, he looked in his shirt and saw a name on his chest "I can't read this upside down, would you mind telling me your name?" He looked at her

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Griffin nodded "yeah, I'm Griffin" he walked over to her "what's your name again?" He looked at her with a small smile

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Griffin nodded and held out a hand to her "Well hi" he smiled at her and waited for her to shake his hand

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He put his hands in his pockets "rogue" he looked at her with a small smile "what about you?" He looked at her, taking everything in

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Griffin looked around "wow, this is great" he sighed "well we can't remove the tattoo so what do we do?" He looked at her

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"I was born into one, KY parents got kicked out, but they killed my mom" he looked at her and didn't smile he didn't like werewolves that were in packs

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"the one?" He looked at her with a confused look "the one that did what?"

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He looked at her and rolled his eyes "I have your name on my chest I think it is somewhat my business" he looked at her and crossed her arms

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He chuckled "then why are you talking to me, you could walk away and minute and just leave me here and forget about the tattoo, so why are you even talking to me" his k9 started to show

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He nodded "yeah" he looked and her "I'm sorry, for yelling at you" his fangs went away as he looked at her

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"you have a boyfriend?" He looked at her "a boyfriend?" He didn't like this, her boyfriend was most likely going to want to kill him and he knew that

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"yeah just don't show him my name, I don't want this" he pointed to his face "to be messed up" he smirked at her

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He smiled "good" he thought for a minute "I think I'll be with my girlfriend and you" he joked, he didn't have a girlfriend he just wanted to see her reaction

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He smiled and leaned close to her "this should be a fun relationship" he smirked and looked at her

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He smiled and looked into her eyes, she was vary pretty, he was glade he got such a good looking girl.

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"you know what, yeah I think i would like to kiss you" he pressed his lips against hers, he puts his hand on her hips

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He pulled her closer and kept kissing her. It felt so good to him, like magic. He smiled as he kissed her.

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Griffin chuckled "well your breaking up with him anyways, what's the difference? It's not like he is going to walk over here and see us anyways" he smiled at her

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Griffin looked at the guy and chuckled "this should be fun" he crossed his arms and looked at Arianna then the guy and back again

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Griffin looked at her "umm" he looked at the guy "what are you doing?"

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Griffin nodded "I'm Griffin, oh yeah, and" he took off his shirt and pointed to the tattoo "so yeah" he looked at Arianna

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Griffin chuckled "well she love me soon" he pushe's his arm off and pulled her to him "just don't touch her"

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Griffin nodded "come on" he grabbed get hand "let's go" he put her behind him and looked at the guy and glared

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Griffin looked at her and then glared at the guy then looked at her again "I'll make sure he doesn't come near you"

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Griffin followed her "no you can't, he can make you feel any way he wants, you can't make him stop!" He looked at her as they walked

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Griffin nodded "if I don't first" he said quietly as he walked with her across the field

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Griffin looked at her and pointed to where his tattoo is "because, I can't get this removed"

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He smiled at her "I'm lucky" he watched her swing there arms. He was happy he got a pretty girl like her

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"yet" he looked at her"and from what I know of you, I still am lucky, your strong and you like to stand up for yourself, that's a good thing by the way" he smiled again at her "so no, not by just the outside"

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"well, have a step sister, my step mom is vary sick and never leaves the house. My dad died, and I have to take care of my sister" he looked at her

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Griffin looked at her "it's fine" he looked at her as she let go " you can't do what? Because I told you we could just move km and pretend like none of this ever happened"

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"You wish what? Because from what i can tell you really don't seem interested in me, i might be interested in you but it doesn't matter" He crossed his arms "you wish what?"

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He nodded "yeah, its harder for you than me" he looked at her "are you okay?" he put a hand on her shoulder as he looked at her eyes

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"Well what other choice do i have?" he looked at her "its not like i just got out of a relationship or something" he shrugged

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Griffin nodded "well, my mom died when I was little, my dad remarried an elf who had a daughter, so ok have a step mom, my dad, and my step sister who is an elf, but I love my family" he smiled at her

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"who is that?" He looked at her, he was like her with family, he loved his sister and his mom but his dad was always gone off in his business world, his mom was sick but he never told anyone about that

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"But who is he?" He looked at her a little confused, he didnt understand why she was about to cry about this guy

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Griffin hugged her "im sorry" he held her close and didnt let go, he thought about what she had just said and about a lot more that she had said, he stroked her hair.

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He nodded "still" he kissed the top of her head and hugged her still, not wanting to ever let go

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Joey walks into the field not knowing if she would be there. Finally after 10 minutes he saw a girl coming towards him. He Waited for her to reach him so he could talk to her. When she finally reached him he said:

"Blaze, we need to talk." He lifted up his shirt and showed her the tattoo. "Today was the best day of my life, and I do actually love you. It's just I don't know if you feel the same about me. So, do you love me? If you do tell me.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments Blaze was just coming from the watching the football practice. Although, most of what she did was just read her book about myths. She saw Joey and walked towards him. Her eyes widened when she saw the tattoo. It was her freaking name there. Hesitantly, she looks down at her chest and indeed, there was als a tattoo there, only that with his name on her skin. Her cheeks had turned almost as red as her hair. "I..." She looked at her feet. "Maybe I do. It's too soon to tell, though. But, I know that if I love someone, that'd be you."

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Joey didn't know what to do. It was to early in his life to have his life layed out for him,but he knew it would happen even if he tried really hard for it not to be.

"Blaze I know it is early but I believe that we are destined to be together. Now, if only you would accept this as my gift to you"

Joey took out a red box from his pocket with a dragon sketch on it and went down to his knees

"Blaze, Will you marry me?"

He looked her in the eyes hoping she would say yes

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments Her gaze zoomed on the little red box and then on his face, and then on his knees. He was on his knee!Her heart was beating really fast now. "Joey..." A wide, happy smile lit up her face and she nodded eagerly. "Okay, yes."

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Joey stood up and slid the ring onto her finger. "thank god she said yes, that would of been emarising' he thought.

joey smiled and huged her. "I love you, and i always will"

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, feeling all warm and fuzzy after what he said. "This is... kind of a big thing... getting married. Are you sure?"

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Joey kissed her back. " of corse i am Blaze. Now where should we go or do you want to tell your friends?"

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