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Kyle walks into the library looking for sokething to occupy his time.

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Kyle picks up a book and goes to sit down

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He felt a presence behind him but didn't move, instead flipping a page.

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He catches her easily, blushing. "Are you ok?"

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He helps her, making sure she doesnt fall. He grabbed his book to.
"Its purfectly fine, but in honesty the book wasn't all that ineresting." He smiles shyly at her, then blushes when he notices ow pretty she is.

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" Ok then, ill finish it. You sure your alright?" He asks, a little concerned.

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" Ya, don't worry about it." He blushes too and adjusts his glaces.

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" Its no trouble, really. Don't worry to much about it." He smiles at her and flips through the book to find his page.

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He looks up at her. "do you need.. uh... some help?Finding a book i mean. " He blushes

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" Kyle... Don't even." He turns around to face his cousin who was poised to scare him into bumping into her. "Cmon, it woulda been funny." He waves Rachel.

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" Rachel is better." He blushes.
" THat is so cute." His cousin says as he walks past hem " Don't forget about the meeting at eight."
"I know." Kyle calls back to him, shaking his head.
"sorry about that." He says appologetically to rachel.

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" About a week, not even finished moving in." He smiles at her.

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" Ya, Thats why we moved here." He smiles back at her. God she is beautiful

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" Ya, Ill look foreward to it." He blushes when he says it. Idiot

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He blushes hard and laughs nervously. "OK, i will."

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((Yes!!!)) He smiles and leaves the library after checking out the book

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Kyle had taken a shower after his run and now stands in front of his mirror staring at the tattoo on his chest.

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Kyle picks up his phone and inputs rachels number and takes a deep breath before hitting the call botton.

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" Hey, this is kyle. We met at the library." He says nervously. He recognised her voice by the butterflies it gave him.

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" How could i not?" Uh, i actually need to talk to you about something really important. Can we meet somewhere?"

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"How about the park. Or the movies maybe?" He was getiing excited about seeing her again.

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Griffin walked in and looked around then sighed and went to look for a book

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Griffin walked onto the isle and down it looking for a book for his sister that had just ditched him. He bumped into a girl and looked at her "oh I'm so sorry" he locked eyes with her

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Griffin looked at her and chuckled "you don't have to call me sir, just Griffin" he smiled and took the book off of the shelf and looked at it"this is a good book" he handed it to her and smiled, she was pretty and he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

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Griffin smiled at her and chuckled "it's nice to meet you" he held a hand out to her. He thought it was cute how she was talking so much and how much she loved bother book

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Griffin smiled and followed her "hey again" he pretended to find another book, he looked at her again "so do you like books?" Put his hand to his face "I'm sorry stupid question" he smiled and went back to pretending to find a book

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Griffin picked a random book and walked over to where she was and sat next to her "hi again" he smiled at her and sat the book down next to him " so I came up with a better question, want to here it?" He looked at her and smiled again.

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Griffin smiled at her "okay, how are you, better question, right?" He smiled at her again and realized what book he.gif then set it on a table text to some other people and looked back at her with a smiled, he then thought to apologize for being so Weirs but decided he would wait till they were done talking indeed of in the middle of the constitution that he hoped to start with a bright smile on his face.

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Griffin smiled and nodded "what's your favorite book?" He looked at her and waited for an answer. He felt like he should probably stop, but she was much to pretty to stop talking to. He watched her read and smiled at her as she read, she read fast and he liked watching her

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Griffin shrugged "well what is vary different from what I will get" he smiled at her "so what's your favorite book?" His smile faded as he looked at her and waited for an answer. He played with a wristband then he had on as he looked at her

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Griffin stood up next to her "alright so top ten? He smiled at her, he didn't understand why she couldn't have a favorite book, he didn't really like that all that much, he liked books but he has always had a favorite.

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Griffin nodded and tonight for a minute "what about top one hundred?" He chuckled and smiled at her with his winning smile

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments Ryoran had been in the library for an hour now, looking for a book about Myths and ancient legends. Anything involving dragons and alternate worlds. He was surprised by the amount of people that liked to write about that stuff. And of course, Blaze had assigned HIM to read them. It was a pain because she knew very well he was just getting the hang of this reading thing. He sat at a table with a pile of books on it, flipping through the pages of one as he played with a ring in his hands, making it appear and disappear.

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Annetta walked into the library trying to avoid the other students. She hated school and wished her brother would quit his job at the school and home school her.

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Griffin nodded and followed her "so the top ten is too small, but, top one hundred is too big?" He chuckled "what about your top fifteen?" He kept following her and trying motto bump into people

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments "Gah! This doesn't make any sense!" The librarian lady gave him a sharp look and and made a 'shhh' sound. He looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry." He stood up to put back that book. It was pure rubbish! He was aware humans depicted faries as tiny cute things with magic wands but to say they also granted wishes! That's when he noticed a girl walking in and almost smashed his face against a shelf because of his staring at her.

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She saw a guy almost walk into a shelf and walked over to him concerned. "Are you okay?" she asked. She didn't normally talk to people at school but something about this guy told her that he wouldn't bully her.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments "Yes, yes, fine." He smiled at her. "I'm Ryoran."
(brb going to eat! =))

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((Okay :) ))

"Are you sure? My name is Annetta or Netta for short," she replied holding out her hand and smiling shyly.

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Griffin shrugged "well if I were to ask you out I'm pretty sure you would say no, so I was just trying to get to know you, then ask you out" he smiled at her

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments (Back!)

He nodded and gave her his trademark boyish smile. "Absolutely sure." He shook her hand and with his free hand, reached behind her ear, and out of nowhere, made a red rose appear. One of the oldest tricks in the book but he was like that.

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" Cool trick," she replied.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments "You must be the first one who doesn't say my tricks are lame the first time they see it." He carefully handed the rose to her. "And for that, you're one of my favorite persons now."

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Annetta smiled and accepted the rose. "Thank you," she said.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments "You're very welcome." He realized he was still holding the book and still had at least five more wating for him to read them on the table. "Hey, I think I've seen you around before at school."

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"You probably have but I'm not surprised you probably don't recognise me. I'm not exactly the most social of people," she replied as she brushed some of her out of her face.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments "Is that so?" He smiled and once again forgot about the damn books. Why did she have to be so pretty? "You're lucky I am then. "

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Annetta smiled shyly at him.

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) | 1553 comments He took his hand to lead her to where he had been sitting at before. "Next time I see you at school I'll definetely say 'hi'." He looked at her curiously. "What kind of supernatural are you? I've seen a lot of people around doing cool things."

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