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Nali and Shy followed Jaz into the park

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((sorry, I fell asleep!))
Jazmin lead them under a big tree where she knew Olly would be.
"Olly!" she exclaims when she finds him, pulling him into a hug. "These are me friends Nali and Shy, guys this is Olly," she introduces.

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Shy frowns at him, and Nali smiles shyly. "Uh uh," Shy starts pulling Nali away. The guy was like 20, and shy didn't want her 17 year old baby hanging with him.

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Olly smiles at Shy. "Hey," he says with a cute lopsided smile.

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She rolls her eyes, but her heart skips a beat. Exactly why Nali won't be hanging out with him, even shy was effected.

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"So Shy, his come I haven't seen you around before? Are you too shy?" He jokes with a grin.

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Nali tries stoping her sister. "Please shy? I Really wanna hand out with jaz." She makes a pouty face and shy glances away. She looks back, then sighs. "You have dad's eyes. Fine, but I have to come with or "olly" has to leave. I don't want you hanging out with someone his age." She turns to the guy in question "NO, I was unpacking and sending in my application."

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He shrugs, "Fine by me," he says. It just means more time with Shy, he thinks, getting odd butterfly's in his stomch when he thought about it.
Jazmin pulls Nali away to show her some beautiful looking latch of flowers, leaving them all alone.

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she sighs above shakes her head

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"So, you're Nali's sister?" He asks in attempt to make conversation.

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" yes"

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"Cool. And you're an elf?" He checks.

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" as are you," she and starts walking

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Olly quickly catches up, walking with her. "So, I assume someone as beautiful as you has already found a mate," he says.

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She nearly trips

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"Are you okay?" He asks her as he grabs her arm to steady her.

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" ya fine", she holds his arm to steady herself

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"So, as I said, I assume you have a mate?" he says, a little unsure this time.

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" uh, no," she looks forward, but her cheeks heat

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"Are you sure? You must be joking," he replies, grinning widely. He hasn't let go if her arm.

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" nope," she leave against a tree

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He finally lets go of her. "Well, I know what your thinking. A guy like me must have a mate. And Im here to inform you that I don't," he jokes.

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" ok," she watches her sister, frowning

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"What?" He asks, noticing her frown.

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" just worried", she sighs

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"Hey, Jazmin is totally mature and responsible if that makes you feel better," he says.

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"a little," she gives him a small smile

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"And I'm with you, which should make you feel 10 times better," he smiles at her.

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she rolls her eyes

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"C'mon, you know its true," he jokes, pushing her playfully.

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She pushes back

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"Look who's competitive," he teases her.

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she smiles back

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He leans a little closer. "Shy?" he starts.

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" ya," she looks at him

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"Can I kiss you?" he asks, leaning even closer.

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she looks at him in shock, and almost against her will agree nods

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She eliminates all space between them as he kisses her softly, both hands on her waist.

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she gasps

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He smiles, pulling her slightly closer.

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Her hands move to his shoulders, griping. She whimpers a little.

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((wait, when does the tatoo show up, on true loves kiss or when they say 'I love you'))
He tilts his head at a better angle, kissing her deeply.

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(( When they first meet, actually. Like when they first look into eachother's eyes, or something. But Shy is wearing a turtle neck and it can't be seen right now.))
She moans and slips her arms around his shoulder, completely lost in the kiss

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He pulled her even closer, kissing her harder.

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She pressed herself against him, not thinking, just feeling. She whimpered again.

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He grinned against the kiss before pulling away slightly. "We have to stop," he whispered in her ear, sniping slightly.

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She gasped as her thoughts came back to her. She pushed him away and glared at him as she blushed.

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Olly took her hand gently. "I meant because we are at a children's park," he explained, kissing her lightly.

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She pulled back again, shoving him back. "Don't. Ever." She walked away.

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