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New to Christian Fiction, how far can you go?

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C.E. Martin (cemartin2) | 7 comments For the past year, I've been writing a pulp-styled, action-horror series, that relies on the Christian world to exist. It's not a series that preaches, it just accepts the Bible's rules as immutable laws of the universe.

However, it's a very graphic, very violent series at times. Antediluvian shapeshifters in the modern era, false demigods, that kind of thing. I've gone wholly over the top with both my villains and heroes and have gotten at least one review where they were upset by the level of violence.

The good guys always win, and good always triumphs over evil, but I'm wondering if there's a line I shouldn't cross in order to promote this as Christian fiction.

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Todoroff Huge discussion that shows no signs of abating...

Even though it's founded on a Biblical wordview, I don't think you can market it as "Christian fiction". Sounds like it crosses too many lines.

As C.S. Lewis said - "We don't need more Christian writers; we need more writers who are Christian."

Just put it out there as Spec Fiction. Readers and reviewers are savvy enough to pick up on themes.

Kudos for writing, and good luck.

Patrick Todoroff

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