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message 1: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ Do you like his rough and yet funny personality?

Did you think it fair of him to do that little "experiment" on Mel/Wanda?

Would you believe Wanda if you were in his position?

message 2: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ I did like Jared's personality when he wasn't speaking to Wanda in the beginning. He beat her and screamed at her for being who and what she was. He was pretty funny at times, usually in the memories that Melanie had of him.

I felt that it wasn't fair because he seemed to confuse both Melanie and Wanda. Melanie was very upset that he was kissing Wanda and not her. Wanda on the other hand was then confused if she liked Ian or Jared. I do not think that it was a worthy and fair experiment.

I would have believed her if I was in his position but it would take me a little while to think things over before I made a decision about what was to be done.

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