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Jack i was kind of dissapointed about it because i realy liked the book with the jean grey drama and stuff but i didnt realy like the end section with cyclopse dating emma frost, im not sure about that part i didnt like it and the new xmen team seamed somewhat evilish and what happend to jean and the old x men and when would wolverine come into play and also will there be another one continuing from the first section? if not that is why i am dissapointed because i prefer it when they were teens and more enjoyable.

MizziQ The end part was a preview to another series that's being written about after their teenage years when Cyclops goes through a lot more drama, gets married, and is in a group of ...evilish...peoples. Lol. That wasn't part of the story you read.

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Jack oh ok but still i wish there was more to x men season one.

MizziQ I totally agree :D I love the teen versions. Have you watched the cartoons? Of them when they were teens? X-Men evolution I think it was called.

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Jack no i havent seen them but i will check it out. but if they are not evilish how come collosus seems kind of russian but in the movie he is american and how come magneto is working with them?

MizziQ You should. I think you'd appreciate it. I don't know about the Russian vs. American thing but I haven't read the rest of the series. There are a lot of freaky time travel stuff that happens in between this book and the preview. But for the most part it's confusing because some think they're evil and vice versa.

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Jack yeah....

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