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Searching For Moore (Needing Moore, #1)
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Kristen Geist (kgeist1129) | 6 comments Mod
There are so many amazing characters in this book! This discussion is for the characters we love, the ones we hate, the ones we want to throw across the room, and the ones we want to smack some sense into!

Michelle (michmaz) I love, love, love Seth and Yoli!

CRlovebooks ❤️ | 4 comments Mod
I love all, Mr. MOORE always will be my favor. 3>

Samantha Campos I of course LOVE Schooner and Mia, but I have to give lots of love to Holly,Yoli and Seth!!

Michele Welch | 1 comments Absolutely love Schooner,Mia & Seth & Yoli... Detest Zac & CJ...To the point that up until a few years back I too always had the matching manicure & pedicure polish! Nowdays i can't help but think of CJ when having my nails painted....You will not wear matching polish!, You will not wear matching polish! I find myself repeating it in my head so as not to do it!

Samantha Campos I totally disliked Mandy...I would have drown her ass in the pool!!

Michelle (michmaz) Mandy, you're fired! Feel the power of Silver!

Patricia Gadsden (pgadsden) | 3 comments Mia is the best but I love Schooner too

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