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message 1: by Empress, Patient Zero (new)

Empress (the_empress) | 60 comments Mod
I am interested why do people revert to insulting when debating or disagreeing with the other persons opinion? It seems to me like a way to change the direction of the conversation, but it also seems like trying to provoke negative emotional reaction, that would lead to a [verbal] fight and make the instigator of the situation [the insultee - is that the word?] feel justified.

Would like to hear what you guys think, or maybe even read something about it.

message 2: by Cecelia (new)

Cecelia (ceceliapricejones) | 3 comments I had a lot of probs with the last election... This guy from my high school was responding to everyone who posted me with his rant about Romney.. He then posted a lot of sites where u cd find out supposed lies that Obama told.... Thats all fine but it was MY FB page he was hijacking! Many of the respondents became personal due to his offensive material he posted and the fact that they knew him from HS too. We all spent election nite together online & it was fun due to the fact that he said Romney had won due A BOGUS source (aol news) & the belief that when the poles close all votes r counted...- one of my classmates left saying she didnt know how ignorant he was in school & she wanted nothing more to do with him!

message 3: by Empress, Patient Zero (new)

Empress (the_empress) | 60 comments Mod
Sorry for not responding earlier. I was by accident unsubscribed from all group notifications.

It seems some people just believe what they want to believe, doesn't it?

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