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The meadows.

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Jonathan-Christopher casually walked into the meadows. He looked around, his blond hair, flying with the force of the turns, and smiled when he saw no one there. He walked to the centre of one and just sat down in the grass. He looked up upon hearing a yap he looked up and saw a huge chocolate Doberman run at him and jump on his stomach.
"Oof! Sara!" He exclaimed, chuckling. "Get off!"
She yapped again at him and took her time walking off of his stomach and sitting down next to him. A lower yap sounded and another Doberman tackled him from behind. A black tail went across Chris' eyes and made him sneeze.
"Mortem, off!" He exclaimed, laughing this time.
The big black Doberman got off him and sat on his other side, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.
He loved his dogs and ruffled them behind their ears. He wondered why they were so playful today.

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