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Dense forest.

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Ivory Westwod drifted around the forest, looking around with caution. She tried to sniff out a living creature with fresh blood runing through its veins, but nothing was near.

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Evangeline walked through the forests of Erebos, breathing in the smell of nature. Although it was dark, Oziris stood obediently on her shoulder, chirping every now and then. The small metal bird never slept.

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In the trees Henry followed the girl carful not the make any noise in the process What's your angle? he asked himself in his head

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Eva continued walking, and Oziris suddenly let out a shrill bird call. As he tried to fly away, she grabbed him gently by the tail and said, "Hush, Oziris. Not now."

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And what it's that? he asked himself walking down to a lower tree branch and listening in.

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The little bird flew to her shoulder and gripped it hard, his claws digging into her skin in the process. She winced slightly.

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Slowly he made his ways out of the thicket of trees but leaving a small veneer of tress to cover him. But you could see him for the most part.

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Oziris called again and this time she looked up to se a man. "What the-" she asked the bird.

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Slowly he looked at her intently with his almost black eyes inspecting her "that bird." He said slowly not finishing the sentence.

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Ivory sniffed and smelt that others had come close to her. She smiled darkly and watched them from a distance.

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"What about him?..." She said, narrowing her eyes. A faint trickle of blood seeped through her leather jerkin as Oziris dug his metal claws deeper into her shoulder.

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""Why is he digging into your shoulder." He said walking over to her and looking at the blood.

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"He's nervous." She said simply. "Oziris," she said quietly. The little bird only sand a sweet tune and then let out a croak at the end. She winced from the sound and sighed.

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Ivory smelt the running blood and her eyes widened. Time to party. Silently, she crept towards them.

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Oziris, too much of a cowardly bird, pushed off from her shoulder and flew off into the darkness, ripping her shoulder downwards as he did so. A fresh wave of blood came out but she ignored it.

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"What about?" Henry asked calmly, running his finger across the line of blood and licking his finger.

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"I think- other people..." she flinched from his touch.

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Ivory walked up and stood behind the girl. "Bleeding, I see," she purred in her ear. A grin was on her face.

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Evangeline spun around. She was scared, but she had a back up. "You don't want to hurt me, I'm warning you."

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"Well well well, you need to hide your scent better." He said smiling at her.

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"I'm warning you..." The younger girl said and backed up against a tree as she drew her sword.

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"Darling, you won't feel any pain," Ivory said. She looked at Henry and raised an eyebrow. She looked back at Evangeline, smiling. "Trust me."

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"You're a vampire," she snapped, scared. "I'm not letting you touch me."

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"I'm a vampire and I just touched you." Henry said smiling happily.

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"You may not let me, but I will," Ivory purred. "I haven't had a good snack in a long while." She ran a finger through the blood and licked it slowly.

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She brandished her sword at him. "I'm warning you."

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Ivory looked at Henry. "Double team on her?" She asked, licking her lips slowly.

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"Of course." Henry said advancing towards her.

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Ivory smiled and went forward on the other side, her fangs out.

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Henry looked at Ivory with a smile and extending his fangs and kept walking towards the girl.

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Ivory glanced at Henry and spoke to Evangeline. "Darling, now, if you don't move, it shouldn't hurt... too bad."

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"Struggling we only make it worse." Henry agreed looking down at Evangeline.

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((Not on anymore...))

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((dang... improv))

Ivory looked at Henry while advancing. "I haven't seen you in a while," she said.

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"And you've seen me before?" He asked looking at her.

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Ivory smiled darkly. "I see everyone over time. Being 180 has advantages, you know."

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"Yes it does expect well I'm 200 but I remember that century it was a depressing one." He said looking at the blood trickling down Evangeline's neck.

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"Indeed it was," Ivory said. "I lived 80 years of it." She licked her lips, looking at Evangeline.

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"I enjoyed it greatly." He said looking down still at Evangeline.

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"More blood for us then than now," Ivory said. "I haven't had a drink in a long while."

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"That's true it was plentiful back then but now it seems to be a shortage." He said sighing. "There were were even donors then."

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"Oh how I miss those days," Ivory said with a loud and rather dramatic sigh. "We could never be hungry back then, no matter where we were."

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"That is true those were better days to say the least." He agreed looking aroun the forest

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Ivory nodded. She walked slightly closer to Evangeline. "Oh how I miss that century."

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"You and me both." Henry said walking ever so closer to Evangeline suspended over her.

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Ivory nodded and licked her fangs, yearning for the girl's blood. A very soft growl, nearly silent, rumbled in her throat.

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"I heard that." He said smiling at her.

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