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message 1: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Crutchley (nbcrutchley) Forgive me. I am going to ask questions that may have been so often asked that people are sick of answering them. But...

Why should one purchase their own ISBN over a createspace one?

Should one publish under createspace and lightning source?

And, is there a definitive source of advice all in one place.

I have not published in paperback for six months because decisions about isbns, distribution, etc, vex my brain.

In truth, I find this whole self publishing in paper back more stressful than a regular job.

Lol (said without enthusiasm)

Thanks for any help.


message 2: by Hilda (new)

Hilda Reilly | 16 comments Unless you're American the only option for getting a createspace ISBN is the free one which means that you have to have createspace listed as publisher which immediately brands you as a self-publisher, which may be offputting for some readers/reviewers/critics.
I agree with you about the stress. It's doing my head in.

message 3: by Buffi (new)

Buffi Neal (imbuffi) | 1 comments Nick - Hilda is correct about createspace ISBN, but I found that the pros far outweigh the cons. I published with createspace without a hitch. CreateSpace provided automatic inclusion in extended distribution both to libraries, book stores, and other countries. Their online project management walked me through every step and anytime I call I can actually speak to someone on my project team. If there were one solution that was PERFECT, then we would all know about it. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages. My initial decision to publish under createspace was because I would be selling under Amazon. Who better to publish your book, then your intended largest distribution channel? Don't let it stress you. Just pick one and move forward. You will not pick the perfect publisher, because it does not exist. For me, I recommend CreateSpace hands down. And I researched for over a year before pulling the trigger.
CreateSpace allows authors to include a publishing company name and logo on the copyright page - so you can include the name of your own publishing company or whatever LLC you are working under. My copyright page does not even list CreateSpace
Best of Luck and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. No, I do not work for CreateSpace :-)
Buffi Neal

message 4: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Crutchley (nbcrutchley) Thank you Buffi and Hilda!

Getting it all up and running.

Thanks for your help.

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