Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Bekxy Bekxy (last edited Sep 10, 2013 04:31PM ) Aug 26, 2013 09:18PM
OMG!! I am reading this book and it is sooooo boring! Does anyone thing otherwise?? My fave book of the seiries is Catching Fire.

Ok... so i just read more and its much better now just takes a while to get going...

Finished... So sad prim died... :-(

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Oh, I know what you're going through. This was the slowest and yea Catching Fire was my favorite, the first one was amazing. But yes, this one is a bit slower, well a lot, but I wouldn't call it boring because I just HAD to continue on.

I didn't think any of them were boring. I did find parts of Catching Fire to go a little more slowly, but still not boring.

I didn't like the ending of Mockingjay, the rest was okay. The series is good and yes, Catching Fire was my favorite book as well.

THG was excellent but have just finished reading Catching Fire and found it v. diappointing. Why wasn't katniss instrumental in the rebellion? I know she's only 17 but the notion that she can only be a symbol of the rebellion, but not proactive enough to have a hand in it very patronising. Also I'm finding the world of Panem a bit difficult to rationalise. This may be because I've only just started Mockingjay but District 13 with its underground world all set up and ready for rebellion seems a little too slick.

No, I did not find any of the books to be boring, actually. I agree though, Catching Fire was indeed my favorite of the series as well, by far.

The first one is by far the best. Mockingjay is still good but it can be kind of boring.

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