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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
This book will be selected from an open nomination process. Any book may be nominated as long as it meets the group's BOTM nomination criteria*.

The first 10 books that have second and third nominations will be eligible for being voted on by the membership via a poll.

The book with the highest amount of votes will be one of our Books of the Months.

*BOTM Nomination Criteria:

All books nominated must be listed in our group under our ARR Program or have been listed in the past under Completed ARR Books.

Please do NOT nominate a book that is part of a series unless it is the first book (at the moderator's discretion)

Nominated books should not have recently been a BOM.
You should check the Book of the Month group bookshelf to make sure the book you nominate has not already been a group read.

Authors if your book wins the BOTM you may contact one of the mod's if you’re interested in giving the members it for free with the condition they will write a review.

Anyone can nominate a book, but must be different member to second or third said book.

Any other questions leave us a message below.

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Please remember that this BOTM Program is for books that are listed or were listed in our ARR Program.

Nominations will close on September 15th.

message 3: by Darlene (new)

Darlene Deluca (darlenedeluca) | 38 comments I would love to nominate my new book, The Storm Within. You can read reviews on Goodreads. It's a women's fiction about friendship, family and community. Here's the back blurb:

They say 'lightning doesn’t strike twice.' But they’re wrong.
Claire Stapleton is living proof. First, she loses her beloved son to war. Then, her husband to another woman. As the life she’s known implodes, she struggles to pick up the pieces – to fit in. And in a small community like Whitfield, that’s harder than she ever dreamed.
Overnight, Claire falls from toast of the town to talk of the town. Long-time friends rally around, but confused and off-balance, Claire finds herself traveling a lonely, unfamiliar road without a map. And there are no detour signs to help her get back on the right track. Spiraling on a self-destructive path, Claire fights to find her way – and a reason to start over.
They say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’ Could they be right?

The Storm Within (Women of Whitfield, Book One) by Darlene Deluca

message 4: by Jason (last edited Aug 27, 2013 10:34AM) (new)

Jason Parent | 39 comments What better read to get you in the right mood for October than a psychological thriller/mystery with elements of horror? I'd like to nominate my novel, What Hides Within, for consideration as BOTM. Thank you, Making Connections, for the opportunity.

What Hides Within by Jason Parent

Inside all of us, there is darkness. Inside Clive, it's tangible, and it's aching to get out.

What Hides Within tells the story of a man held captive by an unknown evil. Clive Menard is a spineless slacker leading an ordinary existence. But when Chester enters his life, it becomes far from ordinary.

A disheveled Clive stands alone in a hospital waiting room. A series of incidences have led him to undergo unnecessary neurosurgery. A voice inside Clive’s head nags him to kill the doctor.

Weeks prior, a murder investigation and an unrelated kayaking excursion set the story’s interlocking events in motion. When a remorseful killer, a bomb-happy psychopath and a mysterious widow spider converge upon Clive, they bring with them destruction and death. Clive must discover who or what is steering his very existence before he, too, is consumed by the carnage around him.

With a driven detective following his every step and a vicious killer hiding within his circle of friends, Clive must walk a narrow and dangerous path, teetering between salvation and damnation. He must confront Chester and his own demons. But is he powerless to overcome them?

message 5: by Dave (new)

Dave D'aguanno | 3 comments I would like to nominate my book "Why She Left Us" (literary fiction)

"Young, innocent Betsy had a summer that will change her -- and everyone around her -- forever. Told in startlingly intimate diary entries, this touching novel illuminates a romance that burned brightly and fizzled out far too soon. A beautifully written tearjerker." (from Book Bub description)

You can read more reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to call your attention to my novel.

message 6: by Eric (new)

Eric Wright | 20 comments I would like to nominate, The Dressmaker of Khairkana.

message 7: by Eric (new)

Eric Wright | 20 comments My nomination was: ]

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana: Five Sisters, One Remarkable Family, and the Woman Who Risked Everything to Keep Them Safe

by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon (Goodreads Author)

message 8: by T.V. (new)

T.V. LoCicero (tvlocicero) | 1 comments Thanks for the chance to nominate my crime thriller, The Car Bomb.

The Car Bomb (The detroit im dyin Trilogy, Book 1) by T.V. LoCicero

“a brilliantly composed and complex thriller… fast moving and gripping”
--Christoph Fischer, author of The Luck of the Weissensteiners

Detroit’s top TV anchor Frank DeFauw hunts down the story of a judge who may be corrupt—and is one of his best friends. Booze, drugs, womanizing and a passion for the news are all part of what makes this brilliant, erratic newsman a major player in this deeply troubled city. Finally, Frank decides if digging out the truth about his pal the judge is worth risking his own career, family and life.

“A compelling and wonderfully written piece of urban crime fiction, The Car Bomb is a pleasure from start to finish. With its economical and supple prose, brilliant dialogue, sharply-drawn characters and plot that keeps the pages turning, LoCicero has produced a gripping tale of corruption and redemption in Detroit. A classy and fast-paced read.”
--Victoria Best, Tales from the Reading Room

“TV anchor Frank Defauw is a wonderful mixture of cynicism, vanity, self-doubt, weariness and wit. A kind of local princeling, his boozy, womanizing path illuminates everyone he encounters in this tight and vibrant thriller, as well as the dark city in which it is set. With The Car Bomb, a promising trilogy begins.”
--Patrick, Amazon Reviewer

message 9: by Maryann (last edited Aug 31, 2013 10:46AM) (new)

Maryann D'Agincourt | 4 comments I would like to nominate my book Journal of Eva Morelli (Literary Fiction). Nominated 2013 National Book Award in Fiction.

Psychiatrist Stephen Forester and his wife Brea left the frenzy of New York City ten years before in search of a quiet life in a tranquil seaside community in New Hampshire. But when the elusive Eva Hathaway steps into Stephen’s office and begins to reveal the story of her own tragic past, his convictions start to crumble. Over the sweltering summer that follows, Stephen becomes more and more haunted by obscure memories of his childhood as he wonders what secret could be so terrible that Eva can only reveal it in her journal.

Journal of Eva Morelli by Maryann D'Agincourt

message 10: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Goodman (trgoodman) October involves Halloween, which gives us the opportunity to transform into something completely different. So, why not a book where the main character literally transforms into something entirely new?

So, I would like to nominate my book, My Name Is Michael Bishop, which was just listed in ARR.

Michael Bishop is a gifted inventor, whose daughter Eva is the newest victim of an incurable magical plague. His only hope is a desperate bargain with a magician that will let him sacrifice his own life to save her, in exchange for his life's work: a steam-powered mechanical man. But the spell backfires, trapping his soul in the frail body of his clockwork creation and leaving Eva uncured.

Unable to speak and too weak to fight, Michael can do nothing when the magician arrives to claim not only the golem, but Eva as well, for some unknown purpose. Now, trapped in the magician's manor, it's a race against time as Michael searches for a way to cure his daughter before it's too late, even as he feels his own humanity slipping away a little each day.

message 11: by Dianne (last edited Sep 03, 2013 02:01PM) (new)

Dianne | 10 comments I'd like to throw my thriller, Too Dark to Sleep, into the ring.

Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher

Gritty. Upredictable. Damaged.


Having lost everything and willing to do anything, former Detective Maggie Quinn is obsessed with her last case. But is she targeting the right person or ruining the life of an innocent man.

IndieReader Approved - 5 stars
Crime Fiction Lover - 5 stars
Suspense Magazine - 4 stars

message 12: by Julia (new)

Julia Jean (goodreadscomjuliajean) | 2 comments I would love to nominate my contemporary young adult novel, Blink.

Seventeen year old, Laura Scott, an aspiring photographer, dreams of winning the District Art Show so she can leave her small town of Middlefield and the shadow of her basketball star older brother, Jeff, behind. But life in the Scott household becomes complicated when Jeff decides to join the Marines and the karma Jeff and Laura had growing up vanishes. Meanwhile, Laura’s best friends and her mad-crush, Evan, have departed for college and Laura is left with only the lingering memories of Evan’s soft lips and the trepidations of beginning her senior year totally friendless.

Laura, known as the quiet one with the camera, quickly feels the sting of being an outcast when she befriends Jake Burke. Jake, with his black hoodie and perpetually messed-up hair (so unlike her other friends) totally gets Laura and shares her passion for art. Despite Jake and Laura’s obvious connection, Laura clings to old friendships and unhealthy crushes and struggles to find herself.

When Laura’s brother returns from Iraq injured, tension escalates in the Scott household as Jeff’s condition wreaks havoc on the family. To make matters worse, Evan returns from college to complicate Laura’s relationship with Jake and jeopardizes her brother’s recovery. Laura must find the strength to pull her brother out of his mental abyss without losing herself.

Julia Jean

Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 501 comments Julia wrote: "I would love to nominate my contemporary young adult novel, Blink.

Seventeen year old, Laura Scott, an aspiring photographer, dreams of winning the District Art Show so she can leave her small to..."

We do have the Making Connections YA group as well, if you prefer to list it there

message 14: by J. (new)

J. Gleason (joegleason) | 6 comments I would like to nominate my new novel "Anvil of God, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles."

It is 741. After subduing the pagan religions in the east, halting the march of Islam in the west, and conquering the continent for the Merovingian kings, mayor of the palace Charles the Hammer has one final ambition-the throne. His untimely death, however, pits son against son, Christianity against paganism, and forces Charles's daughter to choose between love and her family's ambition. Based on a true story, Anvil of God is a whirlwind of love, honor, sacrifice, and betrayal that follows a bereaved family's relentless quest for power and destiny.

message 15: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evetid) | 2 comments Sorry to be ignorant. What's ARR?

message 16: by Aminka (new)

Aminka I'd also like to nominate Journal of Eva Morelli by Maryann D'Agincourt!

Journal of Eva Morelli
Journal of Eva Morelli by Maryann D'Agincourt

message 17: by Carol (new)

Carol Urton | 2 comments I have a book I'd like to nominate but I'm not sure what ARR is either...can someone enlighten Evelyn and me?

Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (ladyvigilante) Carol wrote: "I have a book I'd like to nominate but I'm not sure what ARR is either...can someone enlighten Evelyn and me?"

ARR is the Author Requesting Reviews program where authors give readers a copy of their book in exchange for a review on Goodreads, Amazon, etc... Here's the link for signing up and other info:

Once you have signed up and you see your book posted by Sheri or Tana, you can then nominate a book for BOTM

Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 501 comments The Last Grimm Red's Hood by H.L. Wampler

This was surprisingly good, and I think appropriate for October =)

message 20: by Taylor (last edited Aug 31, 2013 07:43PM) (new)

Taylor Hohulin (taylorhohulin) I'd like to nominate my new science fiction/comedy novel, Alpha :) Alpha by Taylor Hohulin

Alpha is the world’s first robotic soldier, but he would rather woo his mechanic than wage war. This probably has something to do with his human heart, given to him in hopes that it would prevent him from enslaving the entire human race.

Once the greatest soldier the Planet Earth Military Forces had seen, Meat can’t help but think this new age of robotic soldiers will leave people like him in the dust. Forced into retirement, he has nothing left to do but stew in his bitterness toward the organization that wronged him.

Lucas Sharpe wishes he’d managed to work his way to CEO of the Planet Earth Military Forces before its leaders traded their plasma rifles for stacks of paperwork. Now he’s just bored.

Alpha is having enough trouble winning his mechanic’s heart - as it turns out, robots aren’t her type - but when Meat begins to stalk Alpha’s inventor, Lucas sees a chance to return to action, even if it means breaking a few rules. Unfortunately, Lucas’s involvement only makes Meat angrier, and before long, the ex-soldier’s obsession escalates into all-out suburban warfare. Everything Alpha loves is threatened, and it becomes clear he will have to fight. And he would fight - he really would - if not for an unfortunate, deadly malfunction that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows his inventor is the worst Military scientist of all time.

message 21: by Karen ⊰✿ (new)

Karen ⊰✿ I have been thoroughly enjoying this historical fiction novel
The Doctor's Daughter Journey to Justice by Belle Blackburn

Everybody, including her mother, believes that Kate's father committed suicide. Determined to prove otherwise, Kate sets out on a fascinating and sometimes hysterical journey through antebellum law and medicine. Set in 1860s Nashville and told with a biting wit, determined Kate finally discovers the truth - but at what cost? Will she ruin her own life trying to defend the life of her dead father

message 22: by Saima (new)

Saima Siddiqui (sensationalsaima) Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.

message 23: by Anthony (last edited Sep 01, 2013 06:45AM) (new)

Anthony Price (ARPrice) | 20 comments Hello everyone with halloween right around the corner i think this is the perfect time for me to nominate my book The Apothecary Murders for Book of the Month. This is the perfect time of year for you to have tour attention held hostage by the twisted insanity held within its pages. So far all of the reviews are 5 star take a chance on this creepy horror/crime story that will not let you stop turning the pages. Available on in e-book and soft back.

Danny had been 12 years old when he had been placed in the juvenile detention center for brutally murdering his mother’s boyfriend, six years he spent stewing over how his mother had turned her back on him leaving him alone to rot in the hell hole. With his innocence lost and twisted into rage and insanity, now 18 and up for release he would finally get his chance to return to his home town and cleanse it of the rancid inhabitants with some of Mother Nature’s deadliest creations.

Here is the trailer for my book to help you get a better feel for the flow.

message 24: by Crystal (last edited Sep 01, 2013 06:27AM) (new)

Crystal Renee | 1 comments Anthony wrote: "Hello everyone with halloween right around the corner i think this is the perfect time for me to nominate my book The Apothecary Murders for Book of the Month. This is the perfect time of year for ..."

The Apothecary Murders- Book Of The Month Nomination

I definitely second this nomination, this book will give you chills. I could not stop reading it and the ending blew my mind. I loved the way the authors energy radiated from the pages.

message 25: by Amy (new)

Amy H (twinypa) since it is almost Halloween, i am voting for a book i never got to read, but now it is going to be awesome..

What Hides Within by Jason Parent :)

message 26: by Raymond (new)

Raymond (Raymond28) | 2 comments Loved Journal of Eva Morelli. Journal of Eva Morelli by Maryann D'Agincourt .Think it would be a great choice for October. Ray

message 27: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Wilsey-miller | 1 comments Anthony wrote: "Hello everyone with halloween right around the corner i think this is the perfect time for me to nominate my book The Apothecary Murders for Book of the Month. This is the perfect time of year for ..."

The Apothecary Murders- Book Of The Month Nomination

I am definitely going to third this nomination, this book will give you goosebumps upon chills. I couldn't put it down, it kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved the way the author put so much depth and thought into creating this book. A+++

message 28: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Price (ARPrice) | 20 comments thank you to all who nominated my book thats wonderful that I got my 3 votes thanks again fir the support

message 29: by Dawn (last edited Sep 01, 2013 05:13PM) (new)

Dawn Whidden (dawn71753) | 43 comments Would love to try again: A Child is Torn “Innocene Lost”
So relevant for today's society. A fictional yet thought provoking story about a ten year old boy that confesses to the brutal beating of his parents. Just recently a young boy shot his grandmother to death.. What causes such irrational and cold blooded behavior. A CHILD IS TORN: INNOCENCE LOST delves into the why's.A Child is Torn “Innocence Lost”

message 30: by Dawn (last edited Sep 07, 2013 10:49AM) (new)

Dawn Whidden (dawn71753) | 43 comments A Child is Torn “Innocence Lost” by Dawn Kopman Whidden
5 Stars

I don't very often use this phrase, but here it applies: this novel totally "blew me away." I could not but read this in the space of a few hours, as I was not about to put the book aside unfinished. That ending! The author does give a clue or two, but believe me, the denouement is not telegraphed and so comes as an unexpected revelation, to the characters as well as to the reader. Yet-logically it all works out, and after four and a half decades of self-study of psychology and a baccalaureate degree in the subject, it makes perfect sense, and I appreciate the ways in which the author works out the plot; and her discussion of the Nature vs. Nurture debate.

A young child, age ten, is found playing a video game in his living room; alone, except for his bludgeoned parents upstairs in their bedroom. He says, "I did it," yet no one can believe it; the boy is small for his age, almost silent. How could he have? Well, read on and find out: did he or didn't he? Why were the parents murdered? What really happened, and what is in the background of this family? Child abuse? A killer from outside the family? Be prepared for nearly continuous surprises in this very, very, rewarding novel.
From the Author
The world is full of crazy people. Once upon a time, stories like the ones that Grimm Brother's wrote were just something that came from their imagination. Classic tales of stepmothers serving her new husband's children for dinner...( not for dinner, but THE DINNER) Crazy old ladies putting lost children in an oven..

Today the craziest and most inexcusable things happen to the most vulnerable, and it's reality not fantasy. I hope that my story never finds it's way into a local newspaper...but who knows. Anything can happen and it does.

message 31: by Julie (new)

Julie Powell (julie_powell) | 42 comments Ego alert! I would like to nominate my book: Gone - a unique fantasy, written in answer to the question: Where had my daughter gone? after she'd been severely brain damaged at the age of two and survived for a further seventeen years. Who she was had been wiped clean, so I created a world and went in search of her.

Thanks :)

message 32: by Michael (new)

Michael Hughes Well, heck, since October is Halloween season why not nominate my supernatural thriller?

Blackwater Lights by Michael M. Hughes

It has been getting some excellent reviews from authors like Tim Lebbon, Scott Nicholson, and F. Paul Wilson, and is currently 4.11 stars here on Goodreads. I'm partial to F. Paul Wilson's description, which I think sums up the book quite well:

"Blackwater Lights has action, adventure, sex, love, designer drugs, and violent death, all woven into a globe-spanning paranormal conspiracy. I mean, really, what's not to like? Consider this my official request for a sequel."

—F. Paul Wilson, author of the Repairman Jack novels and The Adversary Cycle

So if that sounds like a fun read for October, consider giving it a vote! And thanks :-)

message 33: by Russell (last edited Sep 05, 2013 11:44AM) (new)

Russell Bittner (russell538) | 53 comments They say that self-promotion is the best revenge ... or something like that.

With this in mind, I'm (quietly) beating my chest with ... (drum-roll):


Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 501 comments Michael wrote: "Well, heck, since October is Halloween season why not nominate my supernatural thriller?

Blackwater Lights by Michael M. Hughes

Has your book been listed within our ARR program (ARR=Authors Requesting Reviews)? I had not noticed it, and all books nominated must be (or have been) listed in our group in that program

message 35: by Marta (last edited Sep 06, 2013 11:44AM) (new)

Marta Jordon | 2 comments I'd like to nominate Life First as the October book. It's a fast-paced read about a woman fleeing a kidney transplant in a dystopian future.

Here is the blurb.

Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else.

In this future forged by survivors of pandemics that wiped out 80 percent of the world's population, life is valued above all else. The mentally ill are sterilized, abortions are illegal and those who refuse to donate an organ when told are sentenced to death.

Determined not to give up her kidney or die, Kelsey enlists the help of her boyfriend Luke and a dodgy doctor to escape. The trio must disable the tracking chip in her arm for her to flee undetected. If they fail, Kelsey will be stripped of everything.Life First Life First (#1) by R.J. Crayton

message 36: by R.J. (new)

R.J. Crayton (rjcrayton) | 27 comments I'd like to second the nomination for my book, Life First. Life First (#1) by R.J. Crayton

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
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Please go vote here:

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