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A Knight in Shining Armor (Montgomery/Taggert Family, #13)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Romance - lady goes back in time, then he comes forward in time [s]

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Chrissy | 12 comments Hope I'm not mixing up two stories here. Read this about 20 years ago. Lady visits an old castle and gets a vivid flashback, like she had actually been there before. Later she is home crying and wishes for a white knight. A man living in the past somehow hears this and is transported to the future where they spend time together and fall in love. Suddenly he is gone. She finds a way to go back in the past and finds him, but he doesn't remember her, so the romance starts anew. Then she is back to her time alone. Later, on a plane, she meets a man who seems to be his reincarnation. Loved this book and would love to read it again!

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Jani (janifla) | 5 comments I'm not sure which but it sounds like one of Karen Marie Monings Highhlander series. This is a popular subject though.

Chrissy | 12 comments Thank you for the suggestion, but it was not these books and was not part of a series. :-)

Fani *loves angst* (fanip) | 7 comments laurenpie wrote: "Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor?"


message 6: by HJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

HJ laurenpie wrote: "Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor?"

Definitely this.

Chrissy | 12 comments That was it! The book by Jude Deveraux, A Knight in Shining Armor - thank you!

laurenpie | 131 comments Yay! Glad you found it!

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