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Hey hey! :D

So, what kind of cute/romance do you like! ^-^

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You don't have to reply late at night. (: I'm a patient person.

Okay, adult romance it is! So, do we want best friends? A newly moved in couple? New roommates? Best friends? I don't know, have any ideas?

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Doesn't mean you have to reply if you don't feel like dishing out long replies. (:

I like it! Let us do it! And sure, I can do explicit if you'd like. (: Maybe she has a boyfriend and he cheated on her? Or she got trumped by her best friend? A death of one of her family members?

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Yeah, we've got to. (:

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You can go ahead, I'm still not really sure of what the standard Goodread template is.

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Ah, okay! ^-^

Name: Casey Smith 'Cassie/Cas'
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117lbs
Skin Tone: Cream
Hair: Brown and long, usually straight
Eyes: Hazelnut
Other: She's taking courses to become a doctor.

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How should we start?

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Okie dokey! I failed to see this - je m'excuse. (:

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I'm about to nod off to sleep, so if you're awake - mind doing the honours? If not, I'll post whenever I come back from my appointment.

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