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Dragoș Ionescu 'To Train Up a Child'? The title alone is one of the most insulting things I've ever read, and that was BEFORE I opened this horrifying book.

So what is a child? Someone who needs our love, our support, our strength in order to grow? To adapt? To become our mirror, so to speak? Or is it a dog? A cat? A parrot, perhaps? You don't 'Train' children. You 'raise' them.

This pathetic excuse for a tome is a manual for child abusers/child killers written by the experts. Everything these pathetic people write is full of passive aggression and down-right aggression. (Has anyone ever read the crooked little c**t Debi's little excerpt about Rats and comparing them to humanity? God good, this woman needs to be stopped. With a bullet to the head in my opinion.

Being a member of the Russian Military, it's pathetic that we spend our lives trying to save children, to advocate their growth, their happiness and welfare, and you have people writing books about this crap and publishing them. Thank god these people aren't the majority. Thank GOD.

An amusing thing however, most of my comrades say that they would love to arrest these people with a 'shoot on sight' policy.

We all want these people dead. When they die, hopefully very soon, they're going to have much to answer for, you mark me.

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Ulaa the fact that this book is popular talks a lot about the people that like it...uneducated, ruthless, psychopaths...the government should step up...why be surprised that so many atrocities by the soldiers of USA they torture not only their enemies but they like torturing their own children...called 'kids'; a kid is a according to the dictionary a young of a sheep...the point that this site IS selling it talks a lot about the characters and integrity of those selling this book also I apologize to all those humans who are against this book...this comment is not for you

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