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Jeffrey Coombs | 4 comments So, I read on a few forums that some fans of the trilogy were disappointed with Mockingjay. I actually thought it was great! It wasnt a happy-go-lucky Disney ending and it wasnt supposed to be! War is sad, and I think Collins did a great job with making the reader really feel the effects of war. What did you think of the ending?

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments I am one of the few who enjoyed it, also.

Maxine | 14 comments I think it was a great ending. It had me really emotionally attached with the way it ended and I can't describe it anymore than just saying I really loved how deep it was.

T.J. | 60 comments Ended too quickly. Like, she just got bored of writing the story! It needed more. I loved the epilogue, but before that, it really needed more.

Casey The ending was pretty good. It was a little predictable... I wish Collins had included the names!

Ilovemysalvatores  | 6 comments Hey guys i am reading catching fire but everybody is telling me that its bad so i should stop. Please give me your opinion.

Maxine | 14 comments Ilovemysalvatores wrote: "Hey guys i am reading catching fire but everybody is telling me that its bad so i should stop. Please give me your opinion."

Of course not. You make your own opinions of whether or not the book is any good. I liked it. Others didn't. You tell us what you thought once you've finished it.

Giova (gi22) | 22 comments Don't stop reading the books!!! They're amazing!

Ilovemysalvatores  | 6 comments Sure. Thanks for the advice.

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NO! I hated the ending :'(

Crystal Elizabeth Definitely no! That ending wasn't even an ending! There was no closure for the series! I just wanted to rip the book up and throw it across the room! I mean what about what happened to the districts and the other characters??!! I was (still am) very disappointed with Suzanne Collins.

message 12: by I (new) - rated it 4 stars

I Luv | 5 comments I have mixed feelings about the ending. I think it was kind of cool and ironic on what happened but I also wished more things happened.

Yesmin Aquino (Yezzyeah) | 2 comments I just finished reading the book today. I personally think it was a great ending, Collins gave some twisted foreshadowing so the reader could get the wrong hint of how it would end, which is one of the things that made me fall in love with this trilogy, you never knew what to expect! I love how she ended up with Peeta, only he knows all the things Katniss went trough. Great job Collins!

Jennifer (mrsjensmith) | 1 comments Ultimately the ending was ok, but the journey to the ending was **** had me really mad! I was cursing and yelling at Mocking jay all the way through! What I did not like was that Katniss continually passed out one way or another in the middle of a climax and woke up safe and the reader missed all the action!! What the heck?? I want to read and imagine the action happening, not just be told by another character! I was always rereading and thinking i missed a page...Katniss was right in the middle of the action and then she wakes up in the hospital!
Don't get me wrong absolutely love the books! But I don't think I can read them again!

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Evelyn Rivera hawley | 1 comments I loved the ending. The third book is more psychological. War isn't pretty and it leaves many suffering psychologically. To me, I didn't need a Disney happy ending. This was more real. Two very broken people by all they've been put through.

Jenna | 12 comments No I don't like the fact that

Jenna | 12 comments She has kids

Maxine | 14 comments Jenna wrote: "She has kids"

what's wrong with kids?

Kelechi (kele_xo) | 2 comments I don't like how Finnick's death seemed ignored.

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Stainlesssteele | 1 comments **SPOILERS**
The ending was ok. It showed the effects of war in a different light than how it usually is shown.

That said, I did find that many parts of Mockingjay seemed rushed, especially as you get closer to the end.

I agree with Jennifer in that Katniss did seem to pass out allot compared to how she was in the the first 2. She always seemed stronger and more determined in THG and CF than she was in MJ.

I also found the last few chapters and Epilogue seemed incomplete and rushed. Allot seemed to happen that didn't really need to, such as Finnick's death. Certain events that were big were just breezed over and never addressed again.

I would have much liked these to have been fleshed out more and shown, like Katniss and Peeta's relationship and how it grew/changed in the end. The lack of explanation through most of Mockingjay left it feeling really rushed and left many of the characters seeming wrong compared to how they were and grew through the first 2 books.

I strongly hope that with the book being split into two movies and Suzanne Collins being part of the writing and filming that most, if not all, of these matters will be changed and fleshed out

Part of me is also slightly mixed on whether Katniss "chose" Peeta because she actually loved him? Or did she, as some people believe, "settle" and go with him because he was the only one there and she felt she owed him? This also falls in line with the kids, did she have kids just for Peeta, or did she love peeta and part of her wanted to start a family now, given that the Games are gone and the Capitol is no more?

As a bit of a romantic, I hope and like to think that she was with him and had the kids because she really loved him and wanted them. Again, something I hope Suzanne Collins is able to straighten out in the movies

Vidula Pagar | 10 comments It was quite predictable but too much tragic. I feel sorry about Prim, Finnick and Cinna.

Vidula Pagar | 10 comments Kele wrote: "I don't like how Finnick's death seemed ignored."

yeah what happened to Annie ???

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Nick Martinez | 1 comments I loved the whole book but I really wish Katniss would have shot Snow instead of coin.

message 24: by Gemma (new)

Gemma | 12 comments i loved the whole book, espicially when Katniss is singing the hanging tree song.

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Mary | 1 comments I don't know if anyone of you read 'The Fault In Our Stars'. If you did, you certainly know that 'An Imperial Affliction', the protagoist's favourite book, ends in the middle of a sentence, and that even though she understood the message the author wanted to convey she still wanted to know what happened to the other characters, and this takes a very important part in the whole storyline. If you didn't read the book, now you know anyway.
So it may be the case (without may, because it's not supposition, it's a fact) that our dearest Suzanne wanted to give us something more than a complete, finished elaborated end. She gave us the power to replay those beautiful, funny and tragic scenes in our head. What is Annie without Finnick? Everyone would give a different answer. That's the thing about reading: you hold the power to forget what you just read or to remember it forever, to let the charaters die with the author's acknowledgements or to live their never ending story.

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Hope Hibbs | 2 comments As far as picking Peeta over Gale, I was happy with and do believe she loved him. It was a better fit and made sense. I don't think she was just with him because he was there, I think she knew deep down that she loved him from the previous book. She just wanted to feel that way with Gale because that was the original plan before this all happened. I think if she ended up with Gale, it would have been more of a "that is what I was suppose to do," ending.
The ending in general. We did not care for it too much. It seems like so much more could have been done with it, especially with the trial. It just dropped at the end with the kids, etc. as well. We didn't need a 'happy, go lucky, Disney' type ending but it would have been nice to know a little more.
I think when they make the movie, they might take advantage of this and show more specifics. So far the movies have been pretty accurate with the book, but I would really like to see something more with the ending so I don't feel so empty with it. I think the movie might add more with the trial, etc.

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Amy Jackson | 27 comments I don't know, I wasn't exactly satisfied with it. I feel that the entire book had way too much information all just stuffed into 300-some pages so it wasn't as good as it could have been. I do love Peeta and am so happy that everything he went through, he did marry the woman he loved and I know that because of one of the main subjects of the book, not everyone was going to survive and be happy. Still, all that in mind, there was just something that seemed incomplete to me when I finished it. I'm not sure what, but I feel a tiny hole is still open.

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Ella (ellamichaud) I liked the end just not when, spoiler alert if you haven't finished the end, Prim dies.

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