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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments To any one would listen I need some help?
To whom may listen. my family is controlling me just because I have Frederick's Ataxia. they are abuse me at first just verbal and it because physical abuse what to I do?

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Lizzy @koleen
If they are doing physical abuse you have to tell an adult. My parents used to do physical abuse to my siblings and I. We told an adult and now they don't touch us any more.

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Lizzy I know that it's scary. But I promise you that if you tell an adult it will get better

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments I am twenty- four I am adult which a disability and no one would care.

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Lizzy Oh. Then I hate suggesting this to anyone but then you need to get out of there. It's time to take your life back. I suggest you get a job and save up for your own apartment then move out of there. After that just pay for medical help.

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments in this case I cant because I am twenty-five and I amd adult I am I have disability called Frederick's Ataxia It's a neuromuscular disease. so what do I.

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Lizzy Hmm. The best I can suggest is asking a friend if you can move in with them.

Anna (SylviaGrant) | 37 comments Lizzy! you're such a sweetheart.

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Lizzy @anna
Aw thanks

message 10: by Anna (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anna (SylviaGrant) | 37 comments Your welcome. Friends? please?

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Lizzy Sure!

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Lizzy Oh sorry wrong discussion

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments thank all of you

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Lizzy Sure. I hope I helped. Don't worry I won't b offended.

message 15: by Koleen (last edited Aug 27, 2013 11:13AM) (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments To whom may concern:

here the whole story my grandmother has type 1 diabetes and she has stop taking her insulin shot.
and her diabetes blood sugar level her blood suger over 240 mg so she can go in to diabetic coma any time. her personality changed a lot no she think everyone against her all the time. she try to get I and my sister to hate or mother she spreading rumor about by mom and I and my sister and my grandmother really act strange most of the time.

So what do I ?

so in other words she really sick.
but she say other wise. she say she doing great never I really do love her but I cannot be around her. and her husband is enabling but he just as bad
so what I do?

Respectfully koleen

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Lizzy It's okay Koleen.

I think you should be with her every minute you can. That way you'll make more memories with her and spend more time with her.

But if you don't want to spend every minute with her, then i suggest you see her just one more time. Have a chance to say goodbye.

message 17: by Koleen (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments I live with her

message 18: by Lizzy (new) - added it

Lizzy Oh. Well I say since you she might get into a coma you should spend some time with her. Out of politeness or because you do love her.

message 19: by Koleen (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments but here the thing she without my know they killed my horse she spreading rumor about my mom
they told I. I have to no right to call my mom and right to call my mom I try to go to a friend home

my grandfather physical I forced home
I want to stay with her but I worry about my own wellbeing.

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Lizzy If you believe that you can be in danger, then don't take any chances. Do whatever it takes for YOUR safety. Sneak out to a friends house, and ask if you can spend some time there. Like I said earlier, you need to find a job. There is a job for everyone out there. But for the time being stay with a friend. Sorta "run away" I guess. Or say to your parents that you're leaving. Because even though we are strangers, I want you to be safe.

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments thank I would be fine I still have mom and sister my mom and her boyfriend. and he said I can stay there. but the problem is I cant drive over because do to my health and my mom live next town from. I am from a really small town so no bus station I am trying to find a job for childcare provider. and save money and go. thing will get better I just need someone to listen

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Lizzy Sure. I will always listen no matter what. I promise you. Maybe you can call them to pick you up or something. But I give the child care a thumbs up!

message 23: by Koleen (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments I am tired of my family ill attitude about thing like politics there attitude towards my mom and any one whom doesn't think they way they think it consider a imbecile

message 24: by Lizzy (new) - added it

Lizzy I'm so sorry. May I ask what they are saying? Or why? It's okay if you don't want to tell me.

message 25: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) This is to anybody who has used Kindle Direct Publishing. I'm trying to publish my first novel and want to know if anybody has used KDP and how you liked it, tips, and advice. You would be helping me a TON if you had any info at all. Thank you!

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments To whom may concern>
So the newest thing is. here the thing my grandparents what to sell our home we live in.
and they don't what I and my sister involved even are liven there in the selling or have the acknowledgment if they had sold and I pay rent and I buy food for the whole family on uses my food stamps which I had problem in the past with them about the food stamp it these and they basically want social security checks. they basically said to my face.
and they say thing like mom didn't really care about me and my sister because he don't like us.
and that my mom boyfriend physical and emotional abuse my mom was physical and emotional abuse by my father and I had grown up seeing that in facted I have Androphobia because of my father. and they are the one that are going around spreading rumors and thing like they treat her as completely stupid because of the choice her made and the fact and they what to sell they house and leave
I and my sister without a home. and no money because the what my sister to pay for car insurance. and everything else because my sister drive my grandmother car she dive I to my doctors appointment's one a week
and her part time job all the time. and they what her to pay half of car insurance which half of my social security checks which I and my mom and sister live on.
and The moved the REFRIGERATOR and frizzer to barn and lock the door.and so we cant get to our food. I think vary low of them. my sister don't want I to tell to any of you. but I need some to telk to.

so what do I do and I just had a minor procedure on arm muscles so they would relax. and my anti depression pills stop working because I take them to too much and my blood pressure is high for me now. I have low blood pressure before this so low that my doctor were worried and it so high now they are worry it is so high so what to I do? I begin to have no respect for my family anymore. I am become
i am becoming vary bitter towards my family. and it hurt me. I am not that type of person and so what do I do?

best regards

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Koleen Hansen | 76 comments To whom may concern>
So the newest thing is. here the thing my mom has some of her thing here in storage here at were I live with my grandmother and great grandmother and she what to come on a day when my grandmother was way so my mother would not fight her mother so she wait on a day my mom's mom was gone to get her thing and move to her and her boyfriends home and my great-grandmother whom I and my sister and mom took care of for years got mad at her because she got her thing like house trailer and other thing. I gave up a lot thing I love like cheerleading because I felt I have an family duty to go homes and take care of my great grandmother. but they treat I as I child I have been take care of my grandmother since I old enough to take care I I have I quit all of my after school class like my piano lessons. and my great grandmother is become Physical abuse she pushed I on the ground for get anger that my great mother Kathleen threatening my mom my 80 grandmother hit I and it not he first time I don't now what to do. I did not fought back because I didn't would to hurt and she keep on say thst she love I and I was action as child and crap like that. to me thisis what Physical abuse
is Physical abuse is an act of another party involving contact intended to cause feelings of physical pain, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm.[1][2] Physical abuse has been described among animals too, for example among the Adélie penguins.[3] In most cases, children are the victims of physical abuse, but adults can be the sufferers too. Physically abused children are at risk for later interpersonal problems involving aggressive behavior, and adolescents are at a much greater risk for substance abuse. In addition, symptoms of depression, emotional distress, and suicidal ideation are also common features of people who have been physically abused. Studies have also shown that children with a history of physical abuse may meet DSM-IV-TR criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).[4]

best regards

message 28: by Koleen (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments To whom may concern>
my mom and I talk she well my grandmother are from a different timeline and that how they
discipline there children but in there time I would be constered as a adult long ago.

best regards

message 29: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 19, 2013 09:11PM) (new)

If you are still having troubles, DHS has an adult protective services line. The number is different for each state, so if you just google it based off of what state you live in, you should get a phone number you can call. To me it really sounds like you need outside help.
I wish you the best of luck.

message 30: by Saffana (new)

Saffana | 31 comments If you still need help.
I am so sorry but i cannot think of anything to stop the abuse now,i thought of 911.but as i dont live in america i dont know much of what to do in that society.
You really need to calm down.you are going through alot. And you just need to figure out without getting stressed.
You can go a visit councillors,or homeopathic doctors who practice bach flower remedies.
Bach flower remedies help alot.!.just google them.

message 31: by Koleen (last edited Feb 17, 2014 04:14PM) (new) - added it

Koleen Hansen | 76 comments Feb 13, 2014
to whom may concern:
well I and my grandmother and I had fight about the foodstamps again. but it was not bad as it had been. my mom was there at the time and we had a talk mom me and my grandmother Kathleen. you see I moved Washington state from Oregon and my grandmother Kathleen live in Oregon and by law she can't you them because I am Washington state Resident and she an Oregon state Resident
which I try to explain this and talk to her about it. and some how I insulted her.
she yelled and curse work and she called me a bitch and she called my mom a bitch other curse words. so I lost it. I called her the most profound perfound curse words. my grandmother and my mom don't get along. so my grandmother use mom in the argument just to hurt me and it did works.
and my other gradmother 88 years old took her side.
and I cried after this fight. I cry for four whole hour. well at lets mom live with us now. she and my sister talk to her about the food stamps and she can's use them and she was pissed. and she current not speaking to me. does anyone know how to have conversation someone whom has mental problems.
best regards

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