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What house do you think Scorpius Malfoy would be sorted in to?
Adriana Adriana Aug 25, 2013 02:55PM
I always wondered what he would have been like,and what house he would be sorted in to, because apparently Draco is not such a bad person after everything, so I don't know how much Draco's old self influenced him. Harry and Draco even nod to each other in the epilogue, and Hermione seems not to be against the idea of her children being friends with him. I also really like the "Scorose" shipping. And what about the other kids? Any thoughts?

I think he would have been in Slytherin and not because he would necessarily have been a bad person (I am a Pottermore Slytherin), but because he most likely would have wanted it that way and would have requested it with the sorting hat.

I feel he would have gone into Gyffindor!

Slytherin :)

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why would he be in any house except slytherin. it runs in his blood. i am a pottermore slytherin, too and have nothing against slytherins or think that they are evil and such. Even the sorting hat has attributed that slytherins are cunning/ambitious and not evil. Plus i believe after the whole second wizarding war the outlook of people towards slytherin being evil must have changed. I would want Scorpius to be a Slytherin but get along well with other houses.

He was probably in Slytherine. But not based on the kind of person he was, more from the desire to follow in his father's(and probably his mother's) footsteps.
The house didn't tell if you were a bad person any more than Wormtail was a good person for being in Gryffindor. It was just the tendency of Slytherines to turn out bad because of their aspiration for power.

And I don't think Harry thought Draco was a great guy at the end when he nodded at him. It was more an acknowledgement of civility. They ended their little 'war' at the end of Deathly Hallows when Harry saved his life. That doesn't mean that Draco decided to be a good person afterward. I don't think he was totally evil either, but I think his tendencies to be a not-so-nice-guy were still all there.

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I think J.K. Rowling explained somewhere that after Voldemort's death. Slytherin's house was regarded more as the cunning and clever house rather than the evil and pure-blood house. Therefore, I think he would be sorted into Slytherin, seeing as Malfoy is still cunning and clever, evil or not.

With a name like Scorpius, he can only go to Slytherin. I wonder what Draco was thinking of , when he named his son.
I am a Pottermore Gryffindor. I do think that Teddy would have been in Gryffindor. I have nothing against the Slytherin but their reputation will be hard to die LOL...

I have heard that some people think Teddy Lupin would be a Hufflepuff. I've always imagined him as a Gryffindor though.

Kristen Maybe. I'd guess he would have been a Gryffindor though. Remus was, and Tonks was pretty brave as well. Plus, he would have been in the same position ...more
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Mikayla9 That's what I was thinking, it could go either way I guess. But I just think he would have been a Gryffindor because of Remus. ...more
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