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Hey! Sorry I had to go somewhere...

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments That's fine. I gtg for about thirty minutes, but I'll make my character when I go home. The multi-personality guy. (He's going to be 17.) Brb.

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K c ya!

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Name: Nira Cypris
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nira has a tall and slim figure. She has shoulder length hazel brown hair. She has dark brown eyes and a playful smile that generally drives guys crazy.She also has slightly tanned skin cause she enjoys going to the beach. She doesn't really try, but she's effortlessly hot!
Personality: Nira's kind and caring. She's super social and makes friends wherever she goes( partly thnx to her looks) She is smart and intelligent and is also super competitive. she cares deeply for her friends as well.

Um, maybe this could be the template for our charries....u don't have to follow it:D

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments (back :D)

Name: Feliciano Vargas (Nickname "Feli")
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bio: Feli was like any other perfect guy; He was sweet, generous, polite, and a gentleman to a lady. He has an Italian accent that is clearly heard when he speaks. Sadly, he doesn't really talk much, and he's pretty shy. One night, he was out during the night when he swore he saw someone following him. He couldn't tell why he had this feeling, but upon trying to go to the other sidewalk, BAM! He blacked out. He woke up in a hospital bed and was told he went into temporary coma. Of course, this wasn't that big of a deal, for he was up and moving in about two days. But he started to realize something; After the sun set... He couldn't remember what happened during the night...
Did something happen to him while he was in a coma...?
Maybe... Did that strange feeling of being followed... was fortelling something that would happen to him after the accident...? But day, just before the sun set, he was looking in a mirror when it grew dark outside, and he saw his eyes turn from their golden color into blood red hues, and that's the only lead to that he might have a Multi-Personality disorder. Question was...

Who was his other self?




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Great, so just wondering what's the relationship between the two, like friends, enemies, classmates.....?

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Hmm... Oh I got it. Since he's shy and all, Nira doesn't really see him often until school starts up again, when she meets him for the first time in her first class as her partner on a project.

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Sure! So do u want romance or not?

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments (Yes. X3 Every time I do onexones they always get together. X3. I'll start)

The Italian didn't know what to do...

Feliciano sighed. Today he found himself in his bed, a red substance soaking his shirt. Luckily, it wasn't blood. It was tomato sauce... right? It wasn't deeply red, and it kinda tasted like tomato sauce.

Feliciano decided to put the thought to the side and got ready for the first day of school today. He would always be running late, for when the sun began to rise, that's when he'd wake from his unconsiousness, and that was usually at 7:00. Class started at 7:30. Well, let's hurry up, then.

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Nira stumbled out of the school bus, text books in hand. She ran into the school frantically looking for her science teacher, because she forgot to finish her summer project...Great way to start of she thought to herself.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli wasn't really reconized, but when he was in danger or running late to anything, he had one perk that helped him a lot.

Dang could he run fast.

Feli lived about two to three miles away from the school, but it only took him about ten minutes to run to the school. Feli slowed down very quickly when he was in front of the school. Twenty minutes. Heh, this was a new record with getting to school. He walked into the school and started looking for his locker. It took five minutes to find it, and then five minutes to put his stuff in his locker and grab his stuff for his first class. Ten minutes left. Man he was getting better at this. And so, looking at his schedule once more, he started to look for that class, not before noticing a girl frantically looking around. Hm, who is this bella? Feli thought before continueing to look for his class.

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Nira hopelessly knocked on a door near by hoping to get some directions. She looked inside and saw no one there. She started getting impatient so she just walked over to her science class, and plopped the work on the teachers desk
Oh we'll she thought.
She walked down the halls and saw kids filling in, she saw her friend and hurried over to her smiling. On the way there she bumped into a guy.
" sorry " she called out hurrying on.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli looked back at the girl bumped into him before she continued over to another person. Huh... That's the first time someone even said something when they bumped into me... Feli thought to himself before hearing the five minute bell, calling that there was five minutes left till class started. Good thing my class is right over there! Feli thought once more before quickly heading over towards the room.

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Nira walked into her classroom and toke her seat. She saw the boy she bumped into earlier and smiled at him. He was cute she thought.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli looked around before noticing the Bella that bumped into him smiling at him. Feli smiled back, a hint of shyness in it. I'd like to get to know her... But I don't really know if I should wait till she comes over to me or---


Feli quickly sat down at one of the tables, where two students were able to sit at. The teacher came in with a frown on his face. Feli notice on the board written was "Mr. Kirkland". Mr. Kirkland had short blonde hair, green eyes, and a green tux with a black tie. Mr. Kirkland went over to his desk and started to take attendance. This was kinda new. Either he was an uninteresting teacher, or he was just tired of doing this every year.

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the teacher started talking about the rules and regulations. Nira started dozing of, and doodled on her notepad.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Mr. Kirkland finished in about ten minutes before starting to call people's names. "Kyle Bremsworth."

"Here!" Feli heard a voice.

"Ludwig... Berdishmit?"

"Beilschmidt, sir." Feli once again heard another voice.

"I see... hmm... Nira Cypris?" Mr. Kirkland called

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" here" she called out. She really didn't want to be taking history, but her parents urged her to. The teacher continued on down the list
" feliciano Vargas?" He called. Nira looked up to see who that was

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "I prefer Feli..." The Italian mumbled.

"...Feliciano Vargas?" Mr. Kirkland repeated once more.

"I prefer Feli." Feli called louder this time. This time the teacher actually noticed him. Then Mr. Kirkland looked down at his paper. "Are you related to Luciano Varg---"

"--N-No!" Feli stammered, causing Mr. Kirkland to snap his head up in attention. "I-I mean, no, Mr. Kirkland..."

Luciano Vargas was told as a murderer in Italy, Germany, Russia, and some here as well... And it seemed Luciano followed Feli, because no matter where he went, Luciano would be killing people in the same place as well...

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Nira stared at him confused. He seemed to be the shy type she summed up. she turned her attention back to the teacher when he started explaining the new history projects. He assigned the partners and told them that they had a full month and a half to complete it. He started reading down the names starting with Nira
" so Nira you will be partnered up with felici...sorry feli" he announced
Nira was pleased she got her pencils and books and headed over to feli

(( just wondering how detailed r u with the whole romance thing?))

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli looked up at Nira as she approached his table. Feli smiled shyly at her. His curl that hung out from the side of his head wa probably his more distinguished feature. "Ciao~." The Italian spoke in his native language a hello.

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Nira smiled
" hey, your Italian" she grinned
" It's nice to meet you." She said sitting down next to him.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "Nice to meet you too, bella" Feli said to her with the smile still on his face like it was a mask. "This teacher is a strange Brit. He gives us a project on the first day..." Feli said, his accent very distinct, as so was his nervousness to be working with someone he barely knew. But that's what projects were for, right? To find out more about the person you were working with, sí?

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Nira shrugs
" I guess, but wait why are you calling me Bella, um my name Nira" she told him. She liked his accent, it sounded so exotic.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli chuckled. "Bella is an Italian word. I know your name is Nira." Feli smiled a slight. Bella translated into beautiful. "So, what are we supposed to be doing again? Heh, it slipped my mind."

(Gtg, may be able to reply one more time)

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Nira laughed
" we're doing a presentation on the war of 1812, silly" she said ruffling his hair.
" um, so I was thinking we could split the research, but who's house are we going to first?" She asked

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "I think yours would be fine, unless you think differently." Feli answered with a small smile. He didn't know how long it would be, and if she was still over at his house after sunset... Better save those thoughts for another day.

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Nira thought
" mmmm actually my parents are having guests over tonight, so ,maybe we could do your house, unless you don't want to start at all today. Then I guess we could do my house tommorow" she said.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "We'll start it tomorrow. I have a... Night shift tonight at this job I got." Feli said to her, attempting to make an excuse. The longer I don't see you at night... The longer you'll live, bella Feli thought to himself. "But we can also work on it now during class, I believe that's what Mr. Kirkland was meaning for us to do." That's the thing with Feli:

One minute he's shy, and the second he can't stop talking.

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Nira nodded
" sounds good" she said smiling. Then she went on to explain how they could split the research on the seven wars and then come together to figure out a format on presenting the stuff. They worked good together and got a lot of work done in an hour, just then the bell rang.
Nira stood up
" Kay, got to go. See ya tommorow" she called grinning.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "Ci vediamo domani, bella." Feli said in Italian as he put his stuff away in his backpack. Feli finished up as Mr. Kirkland spoke. "Felic-... Feli."

"Yes, Mr. Kirland?" Feli said, going over to Mr. Kirkland's desk.

"...Is it true... that you went into comatose a while ago? A few years ago, possibly?" Mr. Kirkland questioned.

Feli's eyes slightly widened. "...Yes. I did. Why do you ask?"

Mr. Kirkland looked at the boy worridly. "...I was just wondering... because I knew someone who went into comatose... and you remind me a lot of them..." Mr. Kirkland wandered off before changing the subject. "Go ahead to your next class, Feli."

Feli was confused, but pushed it aside before nodding. "See you tomorrow, Mr. Kirkland!" Feli said before quickly getting out of the classroom.

Mr. Kirkland waited a minute before going over to his desk and pulling out what seemed to be a spell book, as if from Harry Potter. "...No...It can't be him... He can't be the one with the murderous spirit... Unless I'm just being tricked..." Mr. Kirkland put the book away quickly as one of his students for his next class entered the room. What am I thinking?! There's no such thing as magic......right? But that boy... he seemed... as if he... knew something that no one else was to know... Ugh, I seriously got to get rid of that fake magic book...

(Haha, went a little overboard. Next post will be close to sunset, Feli at the football feild.)

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Nira enjoyed the rest of the day but hoped to see feli around but didn't. He seemed sweet and smart, and he was pretty good looking. When the day ended, she ran home, and ate her dinner. She needed to go practice her running for track out on the field. Close to sunset she arrived and started doing laps.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli approached the football feild, fearing as it was almost night. Why did I come out here again? Oh no...Oh no...

"HEY!" Feli jumped at the voice. A football jock and two of his friends started towards Feli. "What are you doing on our feild, Curl Freak?"

Feli looked at him confused, but cowardly backed up. the football jock laughed. "Get him, boys."

Feli yelped as he quickly dodged one of the football jocks heading to tackle him. Feli looked back to see the sun setting. Sh-Sh*t! Feli thought as he felt his eyes change color, and the force of the football player tackling him.

Feli's anger grew, and he kicked the football player off like he was a teddy bear, knocking him from the forty yard line to the fifty. The main football jock had a feared face as Feli stood and pulled a dagger out from his jacket, looking almost like a stranger as he took the dagger to his face and chuckled. "Do you not know who I am? I'm surprised, peabrains...

I am Luciano Vargas."

Fear struck into the Canadian as he started to run, but didn't get far as the quick Italian got in his way and stabbed him straight in the heart, the Canadian falling before he looked at the two jocks trying to escape. "Oh I'm not finished with you two yet!" Fe-- Luciano chuckled as he quickly got to the two jocks, slashing one in the leg and the other on the arm, the two bleeding to death.

Luciano chuckled. "And now to let everyone know who did this... Luciano Vargas is back on the clock, baby."

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(( OMG , cool! Um do u want them to meet on the way home, just to keep it interesting?))

Nira stood, it was getting late. She quickly took a shower and packed her bags slipping into a tank top and a some jeans shorts. She walked down the road towards her house. It was a 30 minutes long walk.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Luciano looked back at his masterpeice with a grin. He had taken the blood of his victims and wrote on the feild in big letters, it reading 'LuCiANo vARgAS'. The bodies were spread under the letters and Luciano chuckled once more. "Now to get home and wait for Feli to wake and see this masterpeice." Luciano chuckled before picking up a jar of a strange red substance, stuffing it in his pocket, and taking the bloody dagger to his face, licking off of it with a chuckle. "Dinner's gonna be nice tomorrow." Luciano chuckled before heading back, his jacket covered in blood. The streets were abbandoned, or so he thought, as he noticed Nira on the other sidewalk. He grinned before taking off his jacket, hiding it in a bush before jogging up to her. "Ciao~." said Luciano, mocking Feli's voice so well.

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Nira turned, and smiled
" hey" she looked at him realizing he looked a bit different
" what are you doing here" she asked

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "I'm just headed home from my night shift, bella. Remember?" Luciano said to her, his red eyes standing out the most. In this case, Luciano's most distinguished feature was not only the curl on his head, but those red eyes that almost glew in the darkness, also sometimes hypnotizing woman on the street to follow him to their doom.


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Nira nodded
" right you told me" she said. She bit her lip, she didn't know what was going on but deep inside her she felt some sort of longing sensation, she had never felt it before, and didn't know what was the cause of it. She studied Felis face, and saw that his eyes were a different color. She took a step back, trying to quench the yearning growing inside her.
" you look....different" she muttered casting her eyes down.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments (Agh, sorry, one more hour till I got to go :D XD)

Luciano had a small smirk shown before he quickly made it into a small smile. "What do you mean, bella? I'm positive I haven't changed my look." Luciano lied. He looked down at his bare wrist before looking back at her. "I apologize, but since we have school tomorrow, I must be heading home. Ci vediamo domani, bella." Luciano repeated what Feli said at school before continuing to walk to Feli's apartment. Hehe... Not only do I have Nira suspecious of Feli, but I also got a triple kill... heh... Il mio dolce angelo bellissimo... Sarò sempre tuo affascinante demone omicida... (My sweet beautiful angel... I will always be your charming murderous demon...)

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Nira nodded and hurried on home, why did he seem so different. She sprinted all the way there not looking back once.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments (She needs to use Google Translate to know what he says sometimes! XD)

The blood red eyed Italian entered his house, taking what seemed to be a photo out of his pocket and pinning it to his bedroom wall. "Hehe, bella, soon you will have to know both of Feli's secrets... Uno, me stesso. E due..." Luciano drew a heart with some blood left on his blade around the photo, it oddly being a picture of Nira. "...Lui ti ama, anche se a malapena conosciuto." The Blood Eyed Italian chuckled twistedly before walking over to the bed. "...notte, bella."

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( wait so does the evil guy also like Nira?))
( gtg)

Nira didnt sleep we'll at all last night. She woke up feeling tired the next morning, and tiredly headed of to school. She got of the bus and saw feli there looking normal again, she stared at him in confusion.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments (Yes. X3 But they are the same guy, and the same guy has the same intrests. XD)

The Italian was staring over at the football feild, where crime scene tape had surrounded. The Italian quickly rushed over to see the name.

Luciano Vargas.

He then heard a news reporter talking. They were live. He saw a blonde with shoulder length curly hair, talking about the crime committed.

"The World Wide Killer, Luciano Vargas, has struck again at (Whatever) High School, where three students, football kids, were killed. Their names were James Worldis, Levi Devish, and Matthew 'Mattie' Andrews. Matthew seemed to be the worst damaged, stabbed in the heart three times, and the brain sliced open. We apologize if we had just scared your kids."

Feli's eyes went wide, looking over the feild to see it was true. ...No... NO! I-I can't be Luciano Vargas... Can I?

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Nira strolled into the classroom and sat down with her head in her hands.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli made it to class, sitting down beside Nira just as the bell rang. ...Luciano Vargas... Is...

Mr. Kirkland entered the room of chatting kids. "Even though a murder was just committed, you do not have permission to gossip about it during school." Mr. Kirkland said, loud enough for the class to hear, causing them to quiet their volume, but a few were still whispering about it. Mr. Kirkland sighed and told everyone to go ahead and continue on their projects, not just before glancing at Feli with a worried look. ...He Mr. Kirkland thought before sitting down at his desk.

Feli had his own look of worry, deep in his thoughts. ...Nira's about to let a murderer into her house... Crap.

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Nira forced a smile
" so today at my house, at around 6 if that works for you" she said trying to distract her mind my taking notes.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments "We don't have to go to your house. We can go to mine if ya want. But six is okay." Something caused Feli to say. Sunset was at 6:30. Why would he say that!? Ugh... Well, he couldn't take it back now, he just had to pray that she didn't get hurt.

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Nira looked surprised
" oh, alright, your house at six then" she agreed smiling. He was so sweet, it was probably her mind playing tricks on her the other day.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1751 comments Feli smiled, repeating "At Six." Before looking down at his notes and continuing to write down his half of the project. But then the just stared at the paper. What am I going to do? Now instead a murderer going to her house. She's going into a murderer's apartment, which is way worse!

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