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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Hello and welcome!This is the base of what you post,the "fill in the blanks" for designing your character.

Appearance: (If you have anime or real pictures, those would be preferred.)
Weakness: Must have at least 3 weaknesses
Areas of Strength

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Name: Sophie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing, sweet, smart, and fast.
History: She lives with her mom and brother, her dad walked out on her family when she was little. She and her brother are twins but her brother is a few seconds older, so he always looks out for her.
Weakness: Sophie hate heights more than anything, also some bugs, and she is afraid of small spaces.
Areas of Strength: She is a good at hand to hand combat, and with knives. She is a very fast runner, but she can over do it at times.

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Name: Johnny Fox
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: He only has the ears, and the tail, when he's in Lyoko. He always wears the collar and leash
Style: See pic
Personality: Fast, agile, clever, curious, and sneaky.
History: He has always acted like a dog. Because of this, his parents sent him the school. He quickly befriended the other people, who, along with him, would become the Lyoko warriors.
Weakness: He can't resist chew toys, meat, and bones. He isn't the brightest light bulb in the bunch. He is afraid of heights
Areas of Strength: Agility, Doesn't tire as quickly as everyone else
Other: Unlike in the pic. His left eye is Lime Green. His right eye is ocean blue.
Weapon in Lyoko world: Bow and arrows.

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Name:Matthew Wolf
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance:look at style
Personality: quiet, calm, Easy to piss off.
History: He never really felt right in the real world.When he first went to Lyoko he was happy to have found a new world he can explore. But they only send him if they are in really deep trouble.
Weakness: Burns, Being unable to do something, and getting beaten by girls.
Areas of Strength: Swordsmanship, tactics, and brute strength.
Weapon in Lyoko world: Sword in pic

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Name: Adien Sauvageau
Age: 16
Gender: F
Style: Vintage
Personality: Aiden is a quiet individual often sticking to her self. She's very hard on her self due to low self esteem and often pushes her self to far. She has a strong sense of loyalty to people she considers her friends, even if they don't feel the same. She has a soft and sweet personality but can get very passionate about things when it comes push to shove.
History: Things used to be happy. Her mother, River Alera, was a native american who left the reservation she grew up at to travel the world and 'find her self' instead she found Eloi Sauvageau, a french painter, while in France. It's easy to fall in love in the very city of love. It was a whirlwind romance full of passion and dedication for years until marriage finally came into the picture. Soon after their only daughter was born Adien, them having picked a gender neutral name, due to them wanting the gender to be a surprise. Everything was so happy in the years to come. Dancing in the living room with her mom on holidays, cooking with her father every time she got a chance. Home life was perfect. School life was another story. Adien was a victim of sever bullying. They teased her for her boyish name, her being native american, her dad not having 'a real job' and most of all that she was crazy. Kids would catch her talking to her self, or sometimes she'd seem to be in a trance like state. Adien, who was mild mannered took all this abuse in stride.
Weakness: She's extremely insecure and has little faith in her abilities. She hardly stands up for her self. She's terrified of the dark and is claustrophobic. She has epilepsy.
Areas of Strength: She's extremely clever, often thinking of the lest possible solution when everyone's stuck on a problem. She's graceful on her feet. She's more in-tune to things around her weather it be peoples emotions, or just her general area. She seems to sense things.
Other : On Lyoko she fights with twin daggers.

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Name- Amber Reane


Gender- Female

Appearance- Her bangs usually fall and cover half her face leaving alot of her expressions unseen. She is also very short, but not enough to be considered a midget. She usually wears a black misriff tantop, dark blue jeans, a matching black tie and flat bill hat that both have a white skull and bones,black tennis shoes and sometimes a light grey zipup jacket.

Style- Picture and apperance.

Personality- She is a very quiet and stoic person unless shes around her friends. But sense shes nice to her friends and does alot for them without so much as a question alot of people think shes a push over and try to use her; and that results in her not having too many true friends. She may be quiet and stoic around everybody but around her friends shes a very hyper, bubbely,random and easy to get along with person. But even with her nice, and laid back attitude she has a very bad, and fiery temper and is easily annoyed by alot of things such as if people jump into a conversation and either dont know what the conversation was about or just completely change it. She is also very protective over her friends and gets mad when people hurt them emotionally or pysically. She is very smart and stratical but is also kind of an air head and is easily confused. She will sometimes play it off like she knows what is going on till she catches on, but other times people noice her fake understanding.

History- She grew up with an older brother and a great family. When he left to become a cop she was so pround of him. Ren, her brother was the reason she decided to become a cop was to follow in her older brothers footsetps and do good like him. But he was killed not long after becoming a cop. Her family all told her not to become one and that she would find the same fate as her older brother. But her determination to be like him and do good stuck so when she wouldnt drop her bream her family disowned her telling her they warned her and they dont want to hear it when shes hurt and stuck her in the first boarding school they could.

Weakness: Must have at least 3 weaknesses- She isnt the best with speed and reflexes, shes scred to death of hieghts or when she doesnt feel secure, she can be a huge air head and is easily confused, she often degrades herself and is secretly insecure.

Areas of Strength- She catches on fast and is very stratic. She is very adgile and has high endurence and doesnt loose energy fast. She took many gynastics and fighting courses,

Other- She always wears a chain with an amulet, tiny crystal rock and a ring that belonged to her brother under her tie and two more od his rings on her fingers; one on her left middle and other on her right index.

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
The next two are mine. ;3
Name:Adrian Magi
Appearance:Light Blue Hair shaped like Odd's,lightning blue eyes and surfer-tan skin-For a reason
History:He is descended from Jeremie,though apparently nerdiness skips a few generations because his parents were not nerds-but he is.The secret of the supercomputer was passed down,but his parents really took it overboard-ha,ha a pun-they trained him in martial arts,taught him how to use most weapons and every secret about fighting X.A.N.A they knew.When his father passed away,he revealed he was an excellent surfer and singer. When the Young Americans Show Choir came he joined them and traveled across the globe,eventually coming back to France when he was thirteen,and quit singing.He then enrolled at Kadic Academy then re-discovering the Lyoko Warriors-he thought his parents were crazy.
Weaknesses:When a certain nerve is hit,his heart stops,X.A.N.A specifically targets him in his attacks,and he has visions of Jeremie's life anf Franz Hopper's life that prevent him from doing anything for an hour after the vision.
Attributes:Balance,Computers,Strength,and Building.
Lyoko Powers:A cloud that makes his ride and replenishes his lightning,which arcs up his body to his hands,where he shoots out beams of

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
Age:As old as the super computer.
Appearance: Specter: A white glob. Human: A caucasian 19-year-old who is bare-chested,well-muscled and is wearing an Egyptian kilt.His hair looks like my avatar's but black.
Style:Ancient Egyptian
Personality:Protective of his friends and loved ones.
History:The creators of the supercomputer knew that someday X.A.N.A. would be corrupted and no matter what would survive.So,they created M.A.W. which stands for Multi-Agent Warrior.He was intended to do what the gang did. Them defeating X.A.N.A. for the first time woke him up. Now,using his power which is equal to X.A.N.A.'s but also like a Lyoko Warrior's powers,he's going to help the new gang.
Weakness:If the supercomputer was shut down he would die.His data could be accessed through Sector 5 and destroyed.While on earth an EMP bomb could kill him.
Areas of Strength:Well,since it has ten A.I.'s that are part of him constantly downloading information,Infinite A.O.S.
Abilities:He can do everything X.A.N.A. can do,even possesion and monster creation.His special monster is a Snare,a monster that looks like a snake and has a burrow.When it's enemies arrive,they come out and shoot venom out of it's fangs and shoots lasers out of it's mouth.His Lyoko powers are Vortex,which create's a portal,Lightning Call,which as you could guess calls lightning to the target,Forcefield which is obvious,and it has a warhammer.Also,it's vehicle-developed by Adrian-is a Overcast-a pun,because it's a storm cloud.

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Cricket354 | 10 comments Mod
That's all from the old discussion! Feel free to post your roleplay characters,also, Adrian Magi and M.A.W.
now belong to Ambrosia*Pixie*

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Christian Omega | 1 comments Name: Christian Omega
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Earth: He wears a long sleeve shirt that is blue and a short sleeve shirt thats colored black, he wears black shoes and black sweat pants. Lyoko:
Personality: Friendly, Honest, and helpful
History: Christian visited the School, named Kadic, cause he felt like its the right decision to move here. He was excellent at English and Math. When he met Aelita, and got to know her more, he was invited to become a member of the lyoko warriors.
Weakness: 1- Hes afraid of the Scyphozoa, 2- being blind, 3- losing his ailities getting hit in the hand by a shot from xana monsters
Areas of Strength: Strategizing, agility, and defense
Other: His weaponry is like aelitas Energy Field but colored sky blue

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