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Looking for a story I read before, is it here?

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message 1: by Stublore (new)

Stublore Read it many many moons ago, now searching for it.

The basic plot is a young man, teenager maybe gets turned into a vampire along I think with his younger sister.
The vampire who does this is an old vampire.
At the end of the book the young man/teenager gets into a fight with his master.
There is a line something like:
"To an outsider they would have looked like they were staring intently at one another across the field, but the watcher would not be aware that another battle of magic and will was taking place on another plane"

At the end again iirc correctly the you man/teenager enters his coffin for the last time, with a stake propped against the lid which pierces his heart as he closes the lid, finally freeing his soul.

Is this tale in the anthology? Even though I read it as a teenager the story has always remained me, and the nagging of what was it called is driving me to distraction.


message 2: by Ed (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ed The tale you have mentioned is not in this anthology. Did you remember when it was written? The stories in this anthology were all written during or very shortly before or after the Victorian Period in Literature.

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