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Do u think that Cathy should do sequel on Scarlet after she has Written Honey's story?

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message 1: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments I think she should do a sequel on scarlet

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) Personally I think the storyline has been wrapped up. I would love it if she did a sequel but I don't think it would be nearly as good

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) Yeah Scarlett is a stand alone book and it should stay that way

message 4: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth | 51 comments Look forward to reading her new books

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

me too.

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) But first I want sweet honey to be published!!!

message 7: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments me too. cant wait till sweet honey. think her story would be interesting

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) Yes I just hope it lives up to my expectations! :/

message 9: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments I know she is n't gonna do it but if she did, it would be awsome. but i know she wont

message 10: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) in my opinion she should after sweet honey write as many new books as possible!

message 11: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments I think that Cathy should write a sequel to Scarlet, however not as a full novel, more like the e-book shorts she has been doing for the chocolate box series! :)

message 12: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments yeah. i agree. in fact she should do an ebook sequel to indigo blue as well + she sould do finn's story as well. cause in chocolate and flowers. finn and sky's relationship didnt look well. BTW can any of guys write a fan fiction on any of cathy's books. i would love 2 write one but i am out of ideas. maybe on to love, peace and chocolate. that would be great and i am sure all cathy's fans would love it

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) Sorry but I don't write I read. I think Cathy should do a short story out of Jamie Finch's view. SKYE AND FINCH 5EVA!!!

message 14: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments yeah. think she will.

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) (fingers crossed)

message 16: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments well. u know at the end of sweet honey. there is an add of a book called fortune cookie. its coming out in summer 2015. so i think thats the story of finch. and the main book series is finished but she is still doing the ebook series. so she will defenitly will do a finch story

message 17: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth | 51 comments well, i don't think so... think the it'll be the story of Jake, Greg's son

message 18: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments yeah. Why didn't I think of that? genius. but I think she will definitely do a story on finch. can't wait for jake's story though.

message 19: by Fatima (new)

Fatima (cherrycrush) | 104 comments cathy should write a new series or book. to get away from chocolate box girls. u know cause she has writing them form over 4 years now. cherry crush, marshmallow, summer dream and coco caramel are in French now.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey, I just joined the group I really want to know what happens in moon and stars!!!!

message 21: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmagraceee) Yes I read that! It was interesting sorry I don't want to say too much.

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