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HQ of the organization who runs The Game.

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Alexander, a big cup of coffee in his right hand and the left in his pocket, slowly and still sleepy walked down the corridor to the surveilance room. At the entrance he had to look into an eyescanner, a procedure which proved very uncomfortable. Not for him but for his subordinates. With his eyes almost closed the scanner couldn't give a positive feedback and instead activated the alarm. Ten seconds and nothing happened. No guards, nothing. Alexander just waited, coffee cup in his hand in front of the door. Then the door was hurrily opened and a breathless woman appeared out of it, unexpected easily shove Alexander to the side and deactivated the alarm. Alexander after beeing pushed to the side just walked past her and took a sip of coffee and didn't say a word. "Did something happen?", he finally adressed her,"Usually it doesn't take so long." "Well usually one would not activate the alarm if he had full acces to 80% of the facility.", she furiously answered,"You should really stop walking half asleep.....or at least manage to open your eyes for the eyescanner once." She went back to her seat. The room was very big with screens all over the walls functioning individually or as one single entity. Such screens were oldfashioned but Alexander specifically requested the room to be like this. Several staff members worked here. "And yes, you could say something happened. A person just appeared out of nowhere some minutes ago.", the woman continued."Appeared?", he asked."Yes, there was very strong jamming and then she just appeared. We lost vision over a large area around her for 20 seconds." "Her?" "It's a girl and she...." "Take into custody." "That wont work, she's with a player." "Any Beaters around?" "Currently not, sir." "Send one. Great, I'm sure those maniacs in the technological department are responsible. Bastards, always making the job harder than it needs to be.", he said and murmured some insults.

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((Would be great if another Gamemaster was there ^^))

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"Reports are in.", a staff member said and sent some files over to Alexander's screen. "Hm, it seams it really was the technical department. The high power consumption at the time of the appearance. Those freaks, haven't their predecessors done enough damage while in the maze?!", Alexander muttered."Actually there were similar incidents some time ago. But far, far weaker than the one today. We thought it was only a little malfunction with the cams. But-", one in the roomd said but got cut off. "But what?! Why didnt I got to hear about that sooner?", he said angrily and put his palm on his forehead. 'Don't those tech quacks have anything else to do than messing up my time?', he thought.

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((where does miha take Elva?))

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