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I LOVE books. my word count for school alone is 3 million plus. I have just ran out of books to read.
Heres a link to my profile: , check out the MY BOOKS section and post a comment on what you think i should read next......


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Ezri K (deadtreechronicles) Avalon High is a good one. Same author as Princess Diaries. Nice play on the King Arthur story.
Would recommend at least checking out Eon and Eona.
I'm more of a fantasy reader, so I'm not sure if you would like some of the ones that I've loved.
Robin McKinley is another author worth checking out. She does beautiful retellings of the classics, but her book Pegasus was hard to put down.

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Sam Russell (CarKid) | 2 comments Ice Phoenix

Try Ice Phoenix - it's fast, different, and it's got some bad a** characters!

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