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The question of right vs. wrong is a strong element in this book. Were the actions of the characters absolutely right or wrong? Did their actions define them as good or bad people? Are any of the wrong decisions justified?

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Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments Tom and Isabel were wrong in keeping the child; too many people suffered because of their actions. There is no doubt Isabel suffered from depression after three miscarriages and who could possibly expect her to be thinking rationally or morally after that. But, do we forgive her? I think we have to. And Tom did it solely for Isabel; his other half of the sky. Tom nor Isabel are bad people; they are just flawed. People do make inappropriate, irresponsible and careless decisions for love and lust.

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments It was completely wrong to keep the baby but this decision is an isolated situation and does not by any means represent the integrity of Tom & Isabel. I'm sure that everyone has some degree of compassion for Isabel and can underatand that she was not being rational but at the same time, her misfortune and resulting depression do not justify her actions. Tom really should have been the stronger partner and insisted they do what's right, but then again Tom was not completely stable himself. Are there situations in life when certain things are just blantantly right or wrong? I would have to say yes, but this story really challenges that theory. Objectively the actions of this couple were clearly wrong but when you know the intimate details of a situation things become muddier, not nearly so black and white.

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments Karen - regarding the last line of your post "People do make inappropriate, irresponsible and careless decisions for love and lust." - You can say that again! Great stupidity born of love is the human mantra and also the inspiration for an awful lot of great novels.

Laura | 92 comments Post-partum depression is a funny beast for many women and losing a child(ren) would only add to the effect. That being said, it certainly does not justify what Isabel did. In the end, the right things are done, but the effects are just heartbreaking.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments It is a heartbreaking novel, Laura . This novel shows what the consequences of any one decision we make can have on our lives. There is a quote to the effect "every action has a re-action". I think I'll revisit this story in a few years as it is worth reading again but I need to take a step back fron the wrenching emotional conflict it elicited. I think I'll read a Cozy mystery.

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