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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2189 comments As writers we all have become excited when we see our book published. After that one of the first things we want to do is promote and market it by telling as many people as we can and posting the news of it’s release in as many places as we can. In the beginning this is totally fine as everyone else is doing it and really how else are you going to let people know about your latest work? But after a while promoting yourself as you did originally can become tiring for the author and annoying to the public. Nobody wants to come off as needy and redundant. So at what point should an author stop promoting themselves so much and just try focusing on something else or even trying a different way to promote but in a less “Hey Hey Look At Me!” type of fashion? Personally I will say the first two months maybe even three is okay. This is where you can talk about your book as much and as best as you can to pull in as many readers and reviewers. After three months it would probably be best to move on to other ways to promote yourself because now that a good amount of people know who you are and know your work they aren’t going to pay attention to the way you’ve been going at it. I will not list a ton of other ways to go about this because I am no expert on the matter, but believe me there are other ways. Again lets say around four months, these four months are crucial to promote your work without coming off as annoying.

Again while I am not an expert these are things I have seen and heard that tend to work in helping promotion. So your book has been out for five months and hasn’t generated many sales(This I can relate to) don’t panic and don’t promote it the same way you did in the first month it came out. Maybe you can promote the same way you did originally if your selling a lot of copies in this case obviously stick to what works. I think however those who are in fact selling lots of copies know this so they’ve already changed up their approach. So your five months in and you’ve sold a few copies here and there. Rather than promote yourself the same way try something different. Try finding groups to start discussions in or even groups that are related to the genre of your book. However you will not be talking about your book but rather just talking about and taking part in any discussions that are already there. It is then that if you generate some good opinions and get good feedback people may look into your work. If they ask or address your work then by all means tell them a little bit but only a little bit. You want to approach the public now as your one of them in which you are. You are no longer a salesperson and technically you never were but in this case you really don’t want to come off as seeming like one either.

Now I may have said three to four months but again I just randomly picked those months because they seemed reasonable. To me it seems that if what promotional and marketing tactics you’ve used in the first couple months haven’t worked for you, you should try something new. Also even if they did work for you your probably looking for a different way because you want to pertain to a new audience and it’s just better to switch things up. Nothing says you have to change your approach. It’s just some people may see you promoting and it comes off to them as a bit of attention seeking. Nobody wants this, it’s why you don’t necessarily have to change your approach but if your going to promote do it once or twice in a certain place and be done with it and move on to another. Any feedback you get will be from what you posted, if you don’t get feedback don’t go and post another topic of the same things about your book when you already have two there. It’s okay to post things about your book in places you haven’t been to but do it wisely and accordingly. It all comes down to timing and being appropriate. If you got things to say about your work then post it in the folders and posts you’ve already made. There’s no need for five folders all on the same thing.

So if you want to promote and think you may be doing it excessively and it’s becoming a problem just relax. Sit back and make sure and figure out who you want to appeal to and how you want to appeal to them. Promote but be careful with it and realize a little can go a long way. You don’t need to go all crazy and post everywhere and you don’t need to five to six months down the road when your book hasn’t sold much. I myself haven’t had many sales but I also haven’t freaked out and started spamming myself all over sites. It’s not necessary and it’s okay to breath. Just have patience and just start on something else, try a different approach or just ease up on the self promoting. Just be yourself and tell a little bit about your work where and when you need to and then just go about and talk about general topics. If you let things settle and go about your regular ways maybe then sales and likes will pick up.

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2189 comments So as I sat at my computer I realized I haven't promoted much at all lately because aside from being out of ideas I dont want to be repetitive. An author should always be active in some way each day, whether it be a tweet or comment just a little something to keep your spirits up. Sometimes its hard to know when to start or even when to stop when it comes to promotion. I suppose as long as you don't overdue it and know your own strengths and positives it can be balanced out.

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire Wingfield | 16 comments I like the ideas behind this - a reminder it's okay to switch gear. Would it be useful to list some of the things you could do instead? As you say, just enjoy taking part in discussions etc but also maybe some tasks like making your book available on more channels? E.g. Kobo and Barnes and Noble if you're only on Amazon. Or translating your product description to make your work more accessible in other territories. Some of these tasks take more time than a little promotion (though that can really eat up the time too) and so taking the foot off the pedal there can give you the time to tackle these.

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2189 comments Good points Claire. Yeah I suppose a list could work. I like the idea of getting your book into other channels. Of course its good to do the Amazon KDP before you decide to get it in other channels. Also never thought about changing up the description in that way, it might work. A lot of good suggestions.

message 5: by John (new)

John Dizon | 108 comments I know the feeling, my book's been out about six weeks now and it feels like six months (though I wish the buys reflected it). You get to where you feel like you've sold it into the ground, but until you're on a Best-Seller List, that's never the case. Blow that horn, because no one else is going to do it for you.

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