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Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Then please visit our website: www.warnekereading.com

Our goal at Warneke Reading is not just to correct your current work. Our goal is to improve your craftsmanship, even if you never use us again. If we can teach you things which stay with you, then we’ve done our job well. We take pride in helping our authors on the road to better writing, both in the short and the long term.

Thanks for considering us

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Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Warneke Reading is a small proofreading/editing company based in Minnesota. Currently focusing on the Indie writer crowd, we are excited to help these talented artists realize their dreams.
We're happy to say our business is really booming! If you are interested in using us, please note we may be booked out for a month or more. So reserve your spot today!
Please see our website for more info: www.warnekereading.com
We will help you realize all your OCD goals during the publication of your writing. We are quite painstaking and rarely miss an error. We might annoy you at first, but in the end you’ll thank us.
We offer free 5 page sample edits so you can see the quality of our work before making a decision.
Often heard at our house: “How did a national bestseller go to print with all these typos?” Don’t let that be your book.

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