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Camper #1

Camper #2

Camper #3

Quest (Why are you going on a quest?)
Possible events you want to happen?
Prophecy (If you want to write your own, cool. If you want one of the mods to write one for you, that's cool too)

Wait for one of the mods to approve of your quest. If you don't already have a prophecy, go to the Oracle for one. After that, go ahead and make your thread!

message 2: by ~Cassie~ (new)

~Cassie~ Camper #1
Name: Reve Matthews
Age: 17
Cabin: Morpheus
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword (and shield if necessary)

Camper #2
Name: Meridith Quincy
Age: 16
Cabin: Hypnos
Gender: Female
Weapon: Celestial Bronze Knuckles

Camper #3
Name: CJ Williams
Age: 18
Cabin: Hestia
Gender: Female
Weapon: Sword and daggers

Quest: The entirety of camp (minus these three demigods, Chiron and Rachel) has fallen into a deep sleep and cannot be awoken. Since they are the last awake, Meridith, Reve and CJ must figure out what happened and stop it.
Possible events you want to happen? Not exactly sure. We want it to be Hebe's doing. Maybe have a run-in with Hypnos since he'd be the obvious choice for who caused it.

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To go on a quest you're going to need two more campers to go with you.

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Do they join here, or do I have to go somewhere else to have them join my quest?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

They can either come here, or you can go to Chat and ask, or you can go to Find a Quest Group and ask.

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Just posted a comment:)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Awesome! Once you've got two more characters (it can be one more member with two characters) then your quest is approved!

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Hey Ellessar I can:)
I have:
Name: Mary Lou
NotE: She might come in handy when some one gets hurt

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I'll be busy today, though.
Might be back at 7

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments Camper #1:
Name: Tristan
Age: 16 or 17ish
Cabin: Prometheus
Gender: Male
Weapon: Silver ring that turns into a dagger

Camper #2:
Name: Mary Lou
Age: 16
Cabin: Apollo
Gender: Female
Weapon: Bow and arrow, I think...

Camper #3:
Name: Brook
Age: uh...
Cabin: Hecate
Gender: Female
Weapon: Staff, I think...

Quest Stuff!
So they're off to find out about Tristan's past and recover his memories! The basics: Prometheus broke free of his prison sometime in the mid 1800s, and was eventually caught by Zeus. But before he was taken back into the prison, Prometheus managed to have a son! Zeus found out about this when Tristan was finally claimed, and as a punishment froze him in time and took away his memories or something. He decided not to just kill him, because he thought somehow Tristan could come in handy later. Tristan is eventually freed by Chiron and the girl he used to date in the 19th century, who is still alive because the gods gave her immortality after bravely fighting in the Civil War.

Jeez.. So much writing... And that was just the basics...

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Approval! You need a prophecy or are you writing it?

message 12: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments I guess I COULD write one.. I've never tried a prophecy before :P

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yay we got approved

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Let me know if you want one, but good luck Hakuna!

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments Hooray! and btw brook is 16

message 16: by ❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ (last edited Sep 10, 2013 06:34PM) (new)

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments and staff is right you could also put magic if you want but don't have to

message 17: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments Yay! You're on!!

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments lol yeah but I'm kind of ghosting

message 19: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments That's okay :D Can we just go ahead and make our quest thread?

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah she approved it

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments I think but we need a prophecy first

message 22: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments I wrote one :P Speaking of which, should we RP the scene where they get the prophecy?

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments oh...didn't see sorry. And If you guys want idc really

message 24: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments Oh, don't worry. I'll make the thread if you want.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments Ok, then lets get this party started LOL

message 26: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments I made it :P

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Camper #1

Camper #2
Weapon:his fists

Camper #3

Raven, Lace, and Darien are on their way to save or distroy the world. They hope to save it..


Three might save the world.
Three might break the world.
Daughter of the night, with wings so white
the one who creates the tie
that binds.
Son of trickery, cunning, and treachery
should be wary
For he will be tempted greatly
and his choice could vary
between power or saving.
With black wings of night
he will capture the sacrifice
to put up a fight
against the bight of the knife.
Product of a curse
who could do bad or worse
will be the sacrifice
that will save the world or curse
everyone in heaven and earth.
The gods will die
go out like a light
if the earth is destroyed
by the fire from one of the three.
But if it is saved
All will remain
and lives will be changed.

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Beautiful! You can start your quest or go to the Oracle if you want, just for fun.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

It's cool huh? :D

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message 33: by Ashley (last edited Sep 13, 2013 05:22PM) (new)

Ashley | 21705 comments *Raises hand and waves it around*
And I randomly created the prophecy!
I'm not into poems but I have to admit, it was kinda fun to make it :P

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah and you did a great job:D

message 35: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 21705 comments Haha, thanks! :D

message 36: by Holt (last edited Sep 13, 2013 11:53PM) (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Camper #1
Name: Seth
Age: 17
Cabin: Hades
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shadow Magic. End of discussion.

Camper #2
Name: Lucy
Age: 17
Cabin: Demeter
Gender: Female
Weapon: Plants

Camper #3
Name: Sadie
Age: 16
Cabin: Aphrodite
Gender: Female
Weapon: Bow and Arrows

QUEST STUFFS: Hephaestus has been nabbed by the Titans and Zeus wants to wage war against them. The campers have to start at the labyrinth then rush to stop Zeus and save Hepheastus.

Into the depths of the twisting path
Below the ground you must stop his wrath
Lord of the Sky anger unfolds
Save the Fire God from the Titan's hold.

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message 38: by Jamison Dingler (last edited Sep 16, 2013 05:19PM) (new)

Jamison Dingler Camper #1
Name:Berry Preston

Camper #2
Weapon:celestial bronze dagger

Camper #3
Name:Fantasy Prince
Weapon:A black bow and arrow

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

What's your quest?

message 40: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ Starla's weapon is a celestial bronze dagger and she's 16

message 41: by Jamison Dingler (new)

Jamison Dingler oh ok

message 42: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ Nicole di Angelo wrote: "What's your quest?"

Jamison, any ideas?

message 43: by Jamison Dingler (new)

Jamison Dingler Nicole di Angelo wrote: "What's your quest?"

We have no idea we haven't thought of one yet

message 44: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5961 comments Mod
I think the rules is that you have to have quest planned out before you get approved. ^^

message 45: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ Conference!

message 46: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ The most probable gods are Ares or Hera or Zeus

message 47: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ Kimiko wrote: "I think the rules is that you have to have quest planned out before you get approved. ^^"

Yes, I am thinking! (rubs palms against temples)

message 48: by Jamison Dingler (new)

Jamison Dingler We could do that Hera and Zeus get taken by a titan maybe

message 49: by Kimiko, Inactive Original Moderator (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5961 comments Mod
Lol. Mkay then! ^^

message 50: by ☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ (new)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ Okay...let's say the titan is Rhea! Because her son and daughter were fighting and it was the last straw for her!

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