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C.C. Alma (ccalma) Hi everyone. I am the author three short stories: "The Dreamer", a coming-of-age story about an adolescent boy in the 1980’s; and "The Earth Boy and Mr. Brown / Robots in Love," a collection of two science fiction stories in one document.

I would love to get some reviews of my work. I can forward a pdf to anyone who is interested in either "The Dreamer", "The Earth Boy and Mr. Brown / Robots in Love", or both.

I am doing this partly to generate interest in my novel, The Earth Girl and Queen Eliza. At some point I will probably be requesting a read for review for this as well. Thank you!

Author Name: C.C. Alma
Book Name: "The Dreamer" and "The Earth Boy and Mr. Brown / Robots in Love"
Genre: The Dreamer is coming-of-age fiction; the other two are science fiction.
Number of free copies being offered: 20
Format of books being offered: pdf
Short book description:

The Dreamer

John Slater is a teenager in crisis--he is restless, depressed, and angry. Then his father dies unexpectedly. Obsessed with memories of his father’s sad life, John becomes even more depressed. Mindy Wertimer is the neighborhood geek, an awkward girl who dares to fight back when the bullies taunt her. When Mindy attempts to be friendly to John, he is drawn to her odd personality; but he isn’t quite sure what to do about it. This is a coming-of-age short story about death, music, motorcycles, and bullying.

The Earth Boy and Mr. Brown / Robots in Love

"The Earth Boy and Mr. Brown" is a story that starts off on an ordinary Saturday afternoon in an ordinary park. Or is it? Baseball practice is over; and eleven year old Freddy Oliver is walking home, just like any other day. When he stumbles over a rat-sized alien creature, he is stumped and intrigued. He hides his new pet from his parents, teachers, and most of the kids at school. When he risks his life to save it, the future comes down for a visit, and Freddy's life is changed forever. Fast forward to Fred Oliver, the adult, and his life is still changing.

"Robots in Love" is a story that asks: how would it be if a woman found true love in the final weeks of her life, with another patient in the hospice? After Patti Wilson's devastating diagnosis and entry into a hospice, she is both overjoyed and horrified to find herself falling in love with dying patient Peter Bhimjee. But it's 2121, and experimental technologies have been developed to extend life. Patti and Peter can be in love forever and ever and ever ... if they choose to participate.

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I'll email you C.C

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C.C. Alma (ccalma) I managed to convert my documents to e-pub! So that format is now available for these stories.

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C.C. Alma (ccalma) Hey everyone. I've decided to temporarily release one of my short stories into the creative writing section of Goodreads. Below is a link. I am also the author of the novel The Earth Girl and Queen Eliza. The e-book for The Earth Girl and Queen Eliza is just 99 cents at most book sellers.

I hope you like it! Comments and reviews are welcome!

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