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Sarah Marissa Meyer is coming to my Author Tour in January 2014.

She is the author of Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. In case you don't know what my blog is, the address is:

If you have any questions to ask Marissa Meyer for the interview that will be released in January, please send me a message, comment on my blog, or shoot me an email at:

The deadline for these questions is August 29. I will only be choosing five, so make them good questions!


PS. Post your questions below.

Tehemamma I always love to hear how the ideas come to an author. Like Susan Collins' story of how she thought up the Hunger Games, so I'd ask her what inspired her to write this series or how did she come up with the idea?

Sarah Okay, thanks.

Kathryn What inspired you to start writing in the first place? you could have done anything, why writing?

Sarah Okay, thanks.

Grace Is there a reason why she isn't very specific about Cinder's appearance? Was she trying to keep it ambiguous for a reason?

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