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message 1: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow Paramore <3

message 2: by Maximillian (new)

Maximillian (maximillianthefirst) They are really good.

message 3: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow Yeah.. :D

message 4: by Kenya (new)

Kenya S. (KentyKettleCornPoppingPhantom) | 82 comments FUN!! sooo.... is Hayley insane? I mean I love her but what happened to her tee's and skinny jeans? now it's all lady gaga clothes... :( I dunno, I'm just not feeling it..

message 5: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow she just changed her dressing style..she's growing up..it's not that bad..

message 6: by Kenya (new)

Kenya S. (KentyKettleCornPoppingPhantom) | 82 comments I dunno, I'm just like what happened to her dressing like...well, a person? I stil love her music but now she seems..terrifying... but you're right, it isn't that bad

message 7: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow :)

message 8: by Chantae (new)

Chantae B. | 58 comments I like some songs from the band.

message 9: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina | 68 comments Okay don't get me wrong Paramore is like one of my all-time favorite bands (definitely in my top 5) but I miss the old Paramore... Their new album isn't as much my type of music as the other three were.

message 10: by Beastly (new)

Beastly i love paramore, i like misery business by them the most

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