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abridged vs. unabridged

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Is it me? My attention just doesn't stay with, it seems, many books. Is it because I am reading unabridged versions? I haven't really given attention to that fact before.
I don't know why reading some authors, such as Debbie Macomber, my interest just doesn't stay with the story. Much of the time I am feeling guilty about that. Is it because I listen to audiobooks? I am careful about choosing audiobook versions of some stories. I realize some narrators just don't cut it - in keeping my interest to further listen. I just try to listen to some books while I am running errands or doing housework. What suggestions do you have?

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Okay. I stopped listening to 311 Pelican Cove. I started listening to The Inn @ Rose Harbor. It is a different narrator. It is an abridged version, as well. My attention is able to stay with this with no problem. So I am trying to figure if its because of a different narrator or because it is abridged. I like Debbie Macomber readings. That was just an audiobook I couldn't stay with. I intend to try reading the paperback to see if that makes any difference. I am open to anyone's suggestions, too.

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Rod Horncastle Personally I hate abridged books.

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