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Ebony (quietstorm08) | 142 comments Mod
I just started this book, and it starts off slow. I am just learning the characters and the relationships between them. I like the last book by this author hopefully this one is good too!

Liza | 35 comments I read this one first, I "enjoyed" it. It has a great climax toward the end. Justified. I think I enjoyed Thousand Suns a little more because it was about the women.

Ebony (quietstorm08) | 142 comments Mod
I'm really surprised that Amir is sooooo weak and untrustworthy. Not a good friend at all..... Poor Hassan....hopefully I read more about him soon.

Tina | 48 comments Mod
It is so easy to forget in times of war that life goes on. Some citizens of the world hear about the violence from the radio, see it on TV, and read about it in the newspaper. And yet, do they really grasp what it must be like to actually Live in these war zones? The soldiers of both sides exchange fire in the streets, while the people that call it home go about their business. Parents and grandparents grieve for what is gone, while the children observe and learn - this is life. What atrocities do they witness every single day? "Afghanistan is a country with many children, but no childhoods."

The Kite Runner is a not just an exploration of the horrors of war. It is fundamentally the story of a man that must overcome his fear of the past in order to rescue his future; a story of the strength of family, the sting of regret, and the loss of a generation. For Amir, it is the story of how one choice can change the entire course of life.

Ebony (quietstorm08) | 142 comments Mod
Great Review Tina! You hit this one right on point!

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