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What was your reaction to what happend to Alaska?
Marc Marc Aug 22, 2013 01:36AM
WHHHAT?!?!?!? To me her death was just so unexpected and I was like what?!?! I wanted to believe Miles (Pudge) that it was all just a prank and Alaska would come out and shout "SUPRISE!" but that would be the biggest plot twist. I was actually for a second praying that would happen. In my head all I was thinking what this has to be a prank but nope...

I WAS SHOCKED! I put the book down, and tried to calm down. Than picked it up and re-read the scene again. I was sooo sad. And I was really hoping that she survived and that it was some kind of joke.... But than when I realized that she really died I was curious about the end without her.


i had to re read that whole time frame because i couldn't understand what was going on at first. but than i got it and it hit me so hard. i was hoping that Alaska would come and kiss pudge and say i told you to be continued

It was pretty expected (considering the title) but the fact that her last words to Pudge had to be "to be continued", I think that was genius! Gets the reader want to keep reading, and BAM! Gone! Heartbreaking, really. I personally just felt lost after that. Just like the rest of them in the book :D

I just stared at the ceiling for a long time and I was like, "What about 'to be continued'?". I zoned out for a while and went back to reading.

"OMG, THAT WAS AWESOME!" was my reaction. The very next day, I reread it. Not the whole book but my bookmarks (that is pretty much a lot too). This book made me think a lot.

I was surprised as well. I thought Alaska would only get in some serious trouble and get expelled so she and Pudge would separate. Then when they announced her death, I thought they only had it wrong. I wasn't expecting everything in the After part.

Not that I think the book was predictable but as I was trailing along I began to put the pieces together and within the last say 20/30 pages of the before section I guess that sometsomething bad was going to happen it was completely obvious to me!

I couldn't believe it. At first I was in denial thinking that it might've been a dream or some sort of prank, but it wasn't. It was so unexpected and sad. I sobbed like a baby. I was talking to an invisible John Green asking him why he'd done this to me.

I half expected it to come, but i thought it was going to be a prank. Then it wasn't and i did shed a few tears. But really, any emotional drunk girl getting into a car could only go one way

I also thought Alaska's just playing a prank, and Pudge will go and get some clues and find her. After that happy ever after but surprisingly no. Tsk.

I knew it was coming because of the summary on the copyright page, and the title of the book gave away that it was going to be Alaska, but I didn't expect it to make me feel as sad as it did. That's John Green for you, though. So much feels in such a small book.

I honestly didn't expect this to happen. Up until the chapter before she died, when Miles thought that he shouldn't have let her go in her car drunk. I actually cried buckets, so much so that I could barely see straight. It actually made me cry more than TFIOS did!

Collin (last edited Mar 21, 2016 07:24PM ) Mar 21, 2016 07:24PM   0 votes
I was heart broken. But it was a great book until he (John Green) brought back Lara, or started isolating her, either or. I'm not shipping or anything, but Lara really did not seem like an important character once Miles began ignoring her. I guess it's okay though, since the book seemed really realistic with Alaska's sudden death and Miles pining after her despite having a girlfriend until Alaska died. Horrid timing in the story for the characters.

I was hoping it was one of her big pranks tbh. Although at the back of my mind, I was kind of expecting it. And I was waiting on how Miles would react and accept the truth.

I cried like a little baby and had to read the part over and over again because I couldn't believe she was dead.

Arden (last edited Sep 28, 2013 09:05AM ) Sep 28, 2013 09:04AM   0 votes
I cried...the last pg of before I was like "NO NONONONONONONONONOOOOONOOnooo...."
then...I cried...a lot...
I didn't even cry in the fault in our stars..but I cried in this..

I saw it coming like everybody else and I didn't care for it, just like I didn't care for the book.

What did you think the countdown was for? I saw it coming days before it happened and I was so disappointed when the author failed to surprise me that I quit reading it.

sad and felt stupid for her , she had been so careless , i hope teens will learn from this kind of book.


deleted member Oct 13, 2013 01:27PM   0 votes
I cried on the train by myself >.>

deleted member Sep 07, 2013 04:58PM   0 votes
I cried. and cried. and then I was like "shes not dead, not dead" lol even tho she was

I honestly did not see that coming. I thought that Alaska would go missing or something like that, hence the name 'Looking For Alaska' But I guess that's just me. In the early stages of the book, I was still pondering what beginning and after would be. But when it happened, I kind of just silently screamed NO to myself. Yeah, I don't really cry at books, but I wish I did so I would get more emotionally involved in the book.

The book is called "Looking for Alaska", so when i heard that she died, I just assumed that she somehow faked her death and Pudge and the crew were going to go on this epic adventure to try to find her.

Then I read Paper Towns, and nearly had a heart attack.

When I reaced the chapter "the day" I thought they may get expelled or something but her death was quite a shocker. I also thought for a moment that she would come back but I would've hated if that happened cause it would have been the same sstory as that of Paper Towns by John Green

I was kinda expecting it because she was drunk and I knew it would be sad and knowing John Green and the title I was pretty sure whe was going to die but I still started crying.
I had to quit reading and calm down for a few minutes before I could continue reading because I was still in shock even though I saw it coming. After I had calmed down (not completely but calm enough to continue reading) I read and read and read because I needed answers just like Miles and wanted to find out everything.

I also hated that she died wothout seeing her biggest prank happen.But when they pulled the prank that kinda was the point where I started being able to live with it.

I barely got halfway through this book...every second more that i read, it made me feel sick, depressed, and literally made me want to cry and kill myself. For people who handle these topics better have enjoyed this I know, more or less, but it's not for the soft-hearted. I've read most of John Green's other books and none of them had this effect on me.

I read a lot of books. I saw it coming.

i kinda figured it out so i wasn't like super stunned or shocked. i didn't cry or even shed a tear at all either. idk, i guess i just went blank, lol.

I knew it was coming. Somehow that didn't make it any easier. I read the entire book the night before I started the 12th grade. I was severely depressed at the time and was struggling with suicidal thoughts so the investigation of Alaska's death and the unanswered question of whether or not it was a suicide brought up some pretty negative emotions.

I really wish the story could have been told from Alaska's point of view.

i was expecting for alaska to be gone or something because of the title. but i did not expect her to die!!!! when the eagle woke them up the next day telling them that something happened, i just kept saying "no no no no" while reading. alaska was my favorite character!

The countdown made the death too predictable , but I was really hoping there'd be another plot twist so I was disappointed when she stayed dead
Still the writing and the emotion after that *sobs while remembering*

I expected a death, but not necessarily hers and not in that way. I liked how he made it a mystery that remained unsolved

i cried to hard. i tried to stop but i couldnt, just like in the fault in our stars, john green will be the death of me....

i was like FUCK, i must see whats worth for john green to write about now and it ending kinda lost my interest a little bit, not too much. but i thought that was a sucky idea, to just make someone die, how cliche

Aubrey (last edited Sep 28, 2013 09:43AM ) Sep 28, 2013 09:42AM   0 votes

I was so shocked!

Saw it coming a mile away!!!!

I think her death had to happen, i didn't expect it to happen but I knew something had to happen so it was kinda welcome. We didn't know so much about her to feel so strongly attached to her character. A few tears dropped though

I saw it coming honestly. The foreshardowing used evidenced it quite a bit. I really fucking didn't want it to happen though. I was just like nonononono don't die and then the gym scene and I was like just ahhhhhhh

I was at work when I read that scene. I was reading along, and I got to the part where the eagle comes in and says they aren't in trouble. I knew it, I knew it. I didn't want to believe, but I knew. I looked to the other page because I needed to know the truth before I continued. There it was. Alaska was in an accident. I abruptly put the book down and had the most shocked look on my face and everyone I work with looked at me like I was a loon. I couldn't even explain what happened, I just....ugh. About fifteen minutes later I picked it back up again and read that section all the way through. Nearly cried in the middle of work. This is the most a book has gotten out of me in a long time. Excellently horrible.

When I first read the book I did not expect it coming, I thought, from the way the story was unraveling that the incident previous to the 'after' would have been Miles and Alaska having sex, or that it was the kiss.
It was far from what I expected.
In question of whether Alaska's death was an accident or suicide, I vote suicide, not in the self loathing sort of way but in an angry impulsive manner.

After I read that part in the book I felt so numb that I didn't do anything for weeks. It's just a book but a book that impacts you so greatly like it did to me, and all of everyone who's commented this already? It's crazy. I ended up crying a few times as well haha. Overall it's a very well written book and I'd love to read it again when I'm an adult to be honest.

um yea I didn't see it coming at all. I figured the count down this was for the big prank or Pudge and Alaska hooking up (because we can all admit we wanted that). But no. I didn't even realize what it was actually counting down to until I read the last sentence and then I just died. like no. not ok.

.....wait what? She.. What?... No... Impossible... (reread).......I can't feel a thing. (burn)

John green makes me cry so much, but it was just so unexpected i couldn't cry ? does anyone else understand what i mean??

deleted member Oct 10, 2013 07:12AM   0 votes
I saw it coming and it was so so so sad but honestly i think that the book was better because she died. If she didn't die i don't think the book would have been as good as it was. I hated that she died and i was in complete denial about it for most of the after but it was a good book and alaskas death added depth to it

*slams book shut*
*stares at the wall*
*stare at the book*
*repeatedly chants No*
*more tears*
*ugly sobbing*
*shouts profanities at the book*
*re read the part where she dies*

Okay. That was basically my reaction because I was reading it at night, and we all know that emotions are on full-gear at midnight. Anyway, I think I was expecting it but her death still hit me right on the feels. I mean, 'dude you just told Pudge "to be continued" and everything and you have so much going on with you'. I just hate the fact that she died without witnessing her "greatest prank" and that I dunno. There's no justice in her death.

I saw it coming, but I was still in tears and threw the book, then once I calmed down I picked it up and kept reading because I couldn't understand why it happened, and like Pudge, I needed answers.

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