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The City and the Stars
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Solved! by Fionna Arthur C Clarke The city and the stars, two sky cities, first child born in a thousand years, no one leaves the sky cities, the boy finds a way to escape and go to earths surface, finds out people are living on surface [s]

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Wise1208 | 6 comments Thank in advance to anyone who can help

Possible titles

a time before the stars

time beyond the stars

or something along those lines

but obviously i am possibly off on the title due to my inability to google it :)

The main charter of the book is the first child born in the last thousand years. People now live for a very long time. All the remaining people live in two cities in the sky (there where more but only two remain) and due to population control only one child is born per above mentioned time span. The boy starts to find clues on how to leave the city and to go down to the surface of the earth where it is believed it is unsafe to live due to some long ago war with an alien entity. Once the boy gets to the surface of the earth he finds large forest and people living in them and that the earth has healed itself and is very livable. The people that he finds there have the ability to read minds. I believe that the people he finds there will not let him return at first. He eventually ends up traveling for what reason I can not remember to the area of a large blast that was the final conflict between earth and this entity from space. It is a large whole in the ground that is all glass from the blast. He ends up finding a man there that has one or two robots that follow him.

#####Spoilers ahead#####

The boy I believe finds a space ship and leaves earth due to the fact that the entity told the people of earth to not leave the planet the entity comes back and starts to destroy earth the boy finds an animal creature I believe it was some sort of raccoon that talks they end up hiding inside of a tree which gets sucked into outer space.

##### end of the book spoilers ahead ####

The boy and the Raccoon creature some how stop the entity and at the end of the book the boy says thank God we did it or something to that effect and the raccoon creature says your welcome.

Thank you for any help

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Wise1208 | 6 comments read in 1988 book was older than that. I got it from the library and it was not on the children side of the library

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Wise1208 | 6 comments More details hope they help.. The boy starts to learn through a tooter who is assigned to him, I believe he is the keeper of the record or something to that effect. Begins to study about earths history and to read about and see pictures of trees and things of the earths surface. He begins to find clues through these records and with assistance of this tooter that someone in the past has left the city and he begins to follow them. It leads him to a central square or park in the city in the sky city there is a statue or monument of some sort where he finds access to an elevator that goes down to where the robots are that maintain the city. Through this he eventually finds an exit that leads to the outside there he finds an inscription left by the last person to leave the city.

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Fionna Moyer (fionnam) | 6 comments This sounds like The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke.

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Wise1208 | 6 comments wow thank you sooooo much I first read this book when I was about 8 years old. I never knew it was Arthur C Clarke, amazing I was so lucky to find one of the greats when I first dared to leave my mothers watch in the library and venture over to the forbidden adult side. I cant thank you enough for the opportunity to relive one of the great reads of my childhood. I am kinda embarrassed though now that I know who the writer is and that I did not know it. I am currently trying to expand my knowledge of the amazing science fiction literature of the past. Many Thanks :) How do I move this one to solved by the way

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Fionna Moyer (fionnam) | 6 comments Thanks for reminding me of a book I loved and haven't read for years! To move it to solved I think you just edit the post, add SOLVED to the title then move it to the appropriate solved folder. I'm off to find a copy of this book now!

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Wise1208 | 6 comments I am glad we both get to relive such a great story!!

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Wise1208 | 6 comments did not see a solved selection in the drop down box but many thanks to you Fionna

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Andy Love | 2074 comments The talking raccoon is from the authorized sequel to "City and the Stars" I think - "Against the Fall of Night" by Greg Benford. The two books were published together I think.

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