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talk everything 1D here!!

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OMG, I so can't believe Zayn and Perrie are ENGAGED!!!!!!

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I KNOW!! I think it's sweet that Zayn got a tattoo of Perrie (it was weird at the time, because everyone was like, "What if they break up and he still has it?!) then they got engaged!!!

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Yeah, they are cute together. I would just MELT into a puddle of happiness if Niall married Taylor Swift!!!

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The thing I like best about Niall is that he's 100% tattoo-less.

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I LOVELOVELOVE one direction!! :)
My friend & I are going 2 see the movie on opening night (2 morrow) in 3D!!!!

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Yes! It was waaay to short. it ended, and the girls in the theater were like, "awww."

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