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What do you think motivated Elijah to study dark magic and become a necromancer—a desire to avenge his father’s death or exact revenge on the boys who tormented him in school? Or something else?

Renate | 8 comments I think in the beginning Elijah was probably most tempted by the power of necromancy - to a smaller guy who'd been bullied for so long, being the one with power, stronger and in control, must have irresistible. And his whole-minded tunnel vision pursuit of revenge was probably also driven by his need to feel close to his dad again, to make his father proud of him now that he was a grown man.

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Chelsea Fought (chelseafought) | 7 comments I agree with everything Renate wrote. I think he might have started the pursuit more innocently but, in the end, the promise of power that necromancy could give corrupted him. After being bullied and pushed around for so long... having the opportunity to take revenge, and perhaps bring his father back just sounded too good. He wanted to do right by his family--and for them all to be proud of him--albeit in a very twisted way.

Jillian  (bookishandnerdy) Yea, I definitely agree. Elijah feels like he has something to prove to the world, his father, and the boys who tormented him. Too much pride.

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The Observant Girl (theobservantgirl) I think both -- for different reasons. I believe Elijah started necromancy for power since he was bullied as a young boy and usually people who are bullied want to seek revenge from their bullies. And I'm sure he decided to pursue necromancy because of his father and since his company went out of business and as a result, caused him to go "crazy" and then die.

I also would like to add that I completely understand why Elijah did what he did. Unfortunately, he went too far to the point where Eleanor couldn't help him, which saddened me greatly.

Caitlin (bookchats) I definitely agree with Renate, Chelsea, and Jillian above, Elijah's past feeling powerless and bullied set him up to feel justified in exacting revenge and seeking power. In A Darkness Strange and Lovely we find out a little more about Elijah and his studies and there seems to be a addictive element to his pursuit of Necromancy as well. Perhaps he didn't have a strong enough sense of self so it was easier for the pursuit of Necromancy and revenge to twist him?

Silvia Meadows (smeadows1984) | 6 comments Elijah. Poor Elijah. What outcome cannot come from being beaten or bullied or harassed every time you turned around. I believe he made the correct choice. He was extremely smart. Very knowledge. He knew what the consequences were. He thought he was going to be powerful enough to hold POWER. POWER HE NEVER HAD. POWER he desperately needed to show those boys who in power now. I totally understand the feeling. Pay backs.... The repercussions are never on your mind. He lost himself.

I NEED to know more. I got the basics, but I'm not satisfied with that. I need to know how he got interested in dark art. How did he learn about grimoires? speak the language to conjure the spells?

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