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Why is Tru so annoying and insecure?
Connie Connie (last edited Aug 21, 2013 12:38PM ) Aug 21, 2013 12:33PM
I am only at chapter 6 but I found that Tru's insecurity so annoying. Why is she so stupid and annoying? What happened to the independent woman in book 1? I felt that she has spineless and won't stand up for herself against others. But she's quick to make accusation against Jake. She knew about his past, she knew what she got herself in to so why does she so jealous of his past. It's the past for a reason. Am I the only one feel like this?

I loved both books....in my opinion, Jake was just as insecure as Tru, only she had more reason to be.

I agree with you and I'm only on chapter 3 and she's getting on my nerves already. I don't know if i should finish it or not. Sometimes, book 2 can ruin book 1.

i felt that her tru's "annoying-ness" wasn't even that bad.
If i was in her place after all that crap happened to me, trust me i would have been past annoying

she was annoying but considering the circumstances ..i'd say she was an idiot if she weren't insecure

I just finished the book, The Mighty Storm and I saw your entry and I totally agree. I did not like her. I tried but her wishy washy, insecurities had me so angry. She put Jake and Will through hell. I hated her at the end of the book. I am going to read Wethering the Storm because I have to have closure but I will try to put up with Tru just so I can have more of Jake. Yum!

Even i think she was annoying, Her only solution for problems was to flee .. But yes the book gets better in the end.. but what i felt was there was some missing element in the book, it was not like the first book ...

I agree- but I found her completely annoying in the first book. I love Jake too much not to read this one. I wish it was only his pov.

Rachna Sharma true .. Total Jake POV have been much better ... :-)
Sep 13, 2013 12:36AM

I felt her character have morph into a spoiled rich girl. I absolutely love mighty storm and was disappointed all over with the book. I thought the story was so predictable, and the drama seem to be force. I was hoping for more rock star action , like mr bright side scene in the first book. i hate it when you have high expectation in a book then get disappointed.

True she was annoying and insecure but she had every right to be after what they have been through. She finally let him in and he broke her so I am sure that takes a while to get over.

But I did really like the book!

Nope, I just finished yesterday and she was a bit annoying this time around. I felt that Jake was the mature one and she was the one that needed to grow up. Keep going though, I thought it ended well.

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