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message 1: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Hello, its Bisky. I'm writing an Urban Fantasy novel called A Dance With Fury. What about you?

message 2: by Everette (new)

Everette Henry (ehenry818) | 3 comments I am working on an interactive kids book series, for ipad and android. I also have been working on a sci-fi novel when I have time. Plus many other ideas

message 3: by Barry (new)

Barry | 9 comments Just has a post-apocalyptic Lovecraft type tale published through Sevrered Press called Nests.

Currently working on a dark fantasy/mystery type thing about portals and MIB types.

Under the pen name, working on a demonic possession-based novel.

message 4: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
I'm really interested in interactive novels! I thin they might be the way forward.

And I like the idea of the demonic possession based novel :3 is it based on anything real?

message 5: by Max (new)

Max | 1 comments I draw comics, but those do require strong writing to work and are very much literature as anything else.

Anyway, my flagship title is Sunnyville Stories, a slice-of-life series involving a small village of anthropomorphic animals. I'm also presently working on a Gothic horror title called Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

I plan to do more experimental, avant-garde comics soon, especially through the Kindle format. I have notes for a drama work, influenced by arthouse films. I'll have more information in the future.

message 6: by Barry (new)

Barry | 9 comments Bisky wrote: "I'm really interested in interactive novels! I thin they might be the way forward.

And I like the idea of the demonic possession based novel :3 is it based on anything real?"

VERY loosely about a story based on something I once heard about from someone in our church.

message 7: by John (new)

John Evans (johnlevans) | 5 comments I write aviation adventures and some thriller and sci-fi. My latest is Water Like Stone combining archeology, aviation and a beautiful love story. What is the source of "Bisky"? What a great name! May I use it for a character?

message 8: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Castro (nicolecastro) | 116 comments Hi everyone!
I am an adult romance novella writer in the mitten state of Michigan! I just finished my new novella, THE APPLETON HOUSE, to be released on KDP next month. Check out my author profile on here and amazon!

message 9: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Oh no I understand that! I've worked on webcomics before! Sounds super interesting!

"VERY loosely about a story based on something I once heard about from someone in our church. "
But that just makes the story more creepy!

And Bisky comes from Biskuit which was my name on WoW. :3 Of course you can use it!

message 10: by Beverly (new)

Beverly  (purple_witch) Hi everyone! I'm a Free Spirit. Love reading too much my kindle is like a second skin to me :) Reading right now "Wethering The Storm" I live a crazy life. I enjoy my crazy life. Love without fears, live without rules. . .

Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) by Samantha Towle

message 11: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Wood | 5 comments Hi, I'm Jonathan. I wrote an urban fantasy novel called No Hero that came out from Nightshade and then a sequel that didn't. And now No Hero is coming out next year from a new publisher along with the sequel, and then there's a 3rd book in 2015. It's a little complicated.

I'm not sure why I'm here, but it was nice to be invited. Hello all.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Pearce (michaeltinkerpearce) | 91 comments Howdy! I am a professional knife and sword maker turned author (much to my surprise!) My wife Linda and I have co-written two Foreworld Saga Novellas, 'The Shield Maiden,' and 'Tyr's Hammer.' We also published our first novel this year, a genre-bending fantasy called 'Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman.' Like sci-fi? Here's a freebie, my new short story 'What Happens in Dubai.'
I hope that you enjoy it!
P.S.- Bisky, I play World of Warcrack, er, Warcraft also!

message 13: by Noura (new)

Noura Noman (nouraalnoman) Thanks for the invitation. While I read only English novels, my first scifi novel is in Arabic aimed at YA. It is a first in my country, UAE. As far as I know, the longest Arabic scifi (that's 22 countries for those who are wondering) is a novella. "Ajwan" is 420 pages, a book 1 and uses "world building" as my favorite books do.

I am very interested in hearing about your experiences and quite happy with the variety of your genres. None of which exist in Arabic. This gonna be some ride.

message 14: by Rick (new)

Rick Soper (RickSoper) | 169 comments Hi I'm Rick and I write Thrillers. I currently have two books The Rock Star and The Singer out of a three book series available on Amazon. I also have two novellas The Bainbridge Killings and The King on Amazon. I'm currently writing the third book in my series called The Stage. In my spare time I review a lot of stuff at my blog
I look forward to meeting everyone and having entertaining and informative discussions.

message 15: by J. (new)

J. Johnson (4u1solo) | 2 comments No kinky things, how pale the moon. Thanks for the invite, especially the hug! I'm writing, several projects going. Four up on Amazon, so far.

message 16: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Fridge (adrianfridge) I write what could be considered literary fiction if I weren't such a sexual deviant. Currently working on the third draft of my BDSM erotic romance novel that deconstructs submissive/dominant archetypes.

I'm about to have a short story published (sci-fi erotic romance that philosophizes about space exploration). I guess when that happens I'll finally count as a "published" author.

message 17: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Rivera | 14 comments I am working on a speculative sci/fi trilogy. Book ones done. Mostly. Book two is awesome with minor headaches. Book three will kick twos' hiney for, sure. I've also finished a suspense/romance, Between Octobers. It's out on submission (crossing fingers and praying).
Thanks for the invite!

message 18: by J. (new)

J. Johnson (4u1solo) | 2 comments Kinky, doing it in space with no gravity. The hand holds must be awesome?

message 19: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Lynn Brown (jennalynnbrown) Hello! I write m/m romance in a variety of subgenres, mostly contemporary

Thanks for the invite! I look forward to getting to know you all.

message 20: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Gilley | 40 comments Hi, all. I write contemporary romance and mystery. I'm an animal lover and a bit of a wallflower.

Thanks for the invite, Bisky! I'll try to push away from the wall :)

message 21: by Ken (new)

Ken Mooney (kenmooney) Hey, I'm Ken (in case you didn't guess.)

Published Godhead earlier this year, a dark fantasy with elements of Greek mythology, and working on the sequel. Also working on a non-fiction book about the end of the world...unless it ends first...

message 22: by Karen (new)

Karen (okiewashere) | 57 comments Thanks for the invite! I am working on short stories (currently only on my blog.) As nearly everyone I have goals. ;-)
I read and review a lot.

message 23: by Isobel (new)

Isobel (shawhopeful) | 2 comments Hi! Thanks for the invite. I write in 2 different genres, contemporary fantasy for my kids and contemporary romance (for me). Just finishing the second and final book of a contemporary romance series.

I pretty much read anything - and I read fast! I have a serious book habit. Beverly I loved WTS. Oh and I used to live in Dubai, so I'll be reading that book

message 24: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
I dunno where I would be without being able to read books on my tablet :D

Its good to have you Johnathan :]

Michael wrote: "Howdy! I am a professional knife and sword maker turned author (much to my surprise!)

Omg that so cool :]! (I wasted too many years of my life on that game :x

@ Noura Interesting! Have you ever considered writing in english? :D

@ Rick love reviewers

@J Lol :p I'm just not gonna think about it! *huggles* :p

@ Adrian I cant wait to be one of those :p

@Misses good luck :3

@Jenna me too :3

message 25: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
@Lauren youre welcome! Good to have you! :D

@Ken I hope no, I want to get published before :x

@Karen I love blog reviews! Link me your blog! :3

@Livi Those are the best two genres :p

message 26: by Charles (new)

Charles Thomas | 1 comments Hello all! I'm currently 14000 words into writing a novel about a historian who has suffered a personal tragedy. He acquires a pen that allows him to rewrite history, so he rewrites his own, bringing back the thing that he lost. Merriment does NOT ensue. As yet currently untitled.

message 27: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Ashlock | 10 comments Hello everybody! I work as an editor for a nonfiction book publishing company. When I was in high school I wrote fantasy stories & novels (with a heavy focus on dragons.) Now I want to start writing again, so I'm trying to hang out with creative writers on the Interwebs so I feel inspired to reconnect with my creative side.

message 28: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Ashlock | 10 comments Bisky wrote: "Hello, its Bisky. I'm writing an Urban Fantasy novel called A Dance With Fury. What about you?"

I love the title "A Dance With Fury" Bisky.

message 29: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
@Charles well done for writing so much :3

message 30: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
@charlotte I like the idea of the dragons focus. And thanks :D I had a big discussion with my friends about what to call it as none of them liked the original :3 Hope you find your inspiration here :3

message 31: by SteinFussel (new)

SteinFussel Hi there! Bisky managed the impossible: to get me back online on GoodReads. I know I have been a BadReader instead of a GoodReader for a while. Sorry. Life took me elsewhere. Guess that happens from time to time. I started writing a novel of which I can't determine the genre yet. Fantasy like, maybe young adult but definetely for older adults too. It was inspired by book s of Neil Gaiman and Walter Moers (City of the Dreaming Books).

Life then took me back to my childhood dreams: music. I traded the long term novel writing (or paused that for a while) for some shorter songwriting sessions which I love!
I will soon record some of these original songs and will then see where they take me. :)

AND... in the meantime it is always fun to write some crazy funny stuff with Bisky about the Toast Wars! I hope you all know about that project so far, it is crazy, cool, and hilarious!

Thank you Bisky for being you and being so passionate about what you do! <3

message 32: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Aww! :D! I really love that you are song writing! And I've persuaded you to get back on GoodReads! I want to hear your songs sooo bad!

(I've started concept sketches for ToastWars! I'll tag you in the message on twitter when I upload it :3)


message 33: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Patton (rhondapatton) | 3 comments Hello everyone. Introduce myself I am Rhonda a mother and wife first, writer second. I am taking online courses to get my associates degree in Graphic Arts. I have over 12 children's books published. You can take a look at also leave me a comment on what caught your eye on my page. Would love to hear from you. :)

message 34: by Ken (new)

Ken Hughes (kenhughes) | 12 comments Ken Hughes here, busily working on some contemporary fantasy. If your family had the power to fly, what would make them afraid to use it?

message 35: by John (new)

John Evans (johnlevans) | 5 comments Bisky, after reading your posts inspiring others I have come to the conclusion that you have a gift and you use it well.

message 36: by Ken (new)

Ken Hughes (kenhughes) | 12 comments But if you use your gift for others, is that regifting? --In the best possible way.

message 37: by SteinFussel (new)

SteinFussel John L wrote: "Bisky, after reading your posts inspiring others I have come to the conclusion that you have a gift and you use it well."

AMEN!!! :D

message 38: by SteinFussel (new)

SteinFussel Bisky wrote: "Aww! :D! I really love that you are song writing! And I've persuaded you to get back on GoodReads! I want to hear your songs sooo bad!

(I've started concept sketches for ToastWars! I'll tag you i..."

Thanks for tagging me :) Can't wait! The bit-by-bit give-and-take writing style we did is my kind of writing. Nothing too long at a time. lol.

Send me your email address and I can send you some songs as soon as I have something that is worth showing around. :)

Keep rocking! <3

message 39: by Deb (new)

Deb (soulhaven) | 103 comments Hello, and thanks for the invite!
I'm working on a Fantasy novel I'm currently calling "Warrior's Touch" as a follow up to my debut, Healer's Touch. I write when my toddler sleeps.

message 40: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (anywaybecause) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite, Bisky. I'm working on a contemporary YA ghost story. My fourth? fifth? try and this one is promising I think.

I'm intrigued by so many of the WIPs described above... hope to see them in print!

message 41: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Matthews (SJMatthews) | 1 comments I appreciate the invite. My first foray into self-publishing is a short titled "Hannah Strong." It ties into my full-length novel that I hope to have out before the holidays.

message 42: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Thank you so much for the invite! I have written a thriller called The Jealousy Game, and am now working on a chick lit / NA book yet to be titled. I am really finding my style with this new book. The Jealousy Game was definitely a learning experience. I hope those that have read it, have enjoyed it! It is on Goodreads and Amazon.

I have been writing ever since I can remember! I am supposed to be writing now, but got distracted by this invite to the group :)

I like to write in the mornings when it is completely quiet around 5 or 5:30, or around 3 in the afternoon.

I enjoy reading all genres and have recently started exploring science fiction and fantasy and am really enjoying it.

message 43: by Sarah (new)

Sarah LaFleur (lafleurdeplume) | 37 comments Thanks for the invite Ann! I'm have a YA novel about a prodigious violinist who experiences moments of her future. I also have a blog where i'm releasing a novella (not related to the novel) in bi-weekly segments through both narrative and illustrated diary entries. I'm a voracious reader and enjoy both beta and ARC reading for as of yet unpublished works :) My favorite genres are YA, fantasy, science fiction, or a combination of the three...

message 44: by Charity (new)

Charity Langley (charity_langley) | 2 comments I'm a part-time trivia host, part-time water aerobics instructor and any-time-I-can-find-the-time writer.

Working on book two in my Abattoir series:

Wicked Intentions (The Abattoir, #1) by Charity Langley

I also have a few YA novels that need some serious editing before they're published.

Other hobbies include: READING (of course), bowling, golf, crocheting, painting, drawing (cover art was done in pencil, scanned in and photoshop finished).

Basically, I HATE boredom.

Nice to meet you all!

message 45: by Christi (new)

Christi (christi_r_suzanne) | 1 comments Hello!

Great idea, Bisky! I just finished 2 novels. The first one has been revised a bunch and sent out to a handful of agents (I got a request for a full, but ultimately a pass) so far. I'm currently making some little tweaks to it and will send it out again to a few agents and some small presses that I think are a good fit. This one is a literary fiction novel with paranormal elements.

The second novel that I just finished is in it's second draft and it's more of a detective/magical realism piece. I'm still getting a grasp on the overall concept and am hoping this draft will be fleshed out quite a bit so I can simply pull it all together!

message 46: by David A. (new)

David A. Lindsay (davidalindsay) | 1 comments Hi.

Thanks for the invite. I have two books, a novella and a novel. Both are getting good reviews with comparisons to Terry Pratchett, but both were written in the 1980s before I had read any Discworld books. In fact, my writing was influenced by the likes of Fritz Leiber and Jack Vance. Maybe if I'd tried to publish them when they were written I would now be famous!

Check out my website at

message 47: by Roy (new)

Roy Mauritsen | 2 comments Hi all, I'm Roy Mauritsen, author of the book Shards of The Glass slipperas well as a few other published short stories! Check me out on goodreads for the juicy details. Also working on the next book. Aside from that stuff. I'm an award wining artist and occasional guest at various conventions around the East coast of the US.
Happy to post here! Thanks!

message 48: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Garren (barbara_garren) | 18 comments I'm in edits of my debut novel, Phasms - the first of a trilogy that will be published by Entranced Publishing. It's a paranormal romance - as are most my books.

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to the fun!

message 49: by Kay (new)

Kay (aceraven) | 41 comments Hello! Thanks for the invite!

I write mostly in the historical fiction genre, but dabble in others. I currently have two novels that are in progress. I hope to have at least one of them done by this time next year.

message 50: by Bisky (new)

Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
There were some messages that didn’t play by the rules (don’t promote and leave) So they have been deleted.

@Rhonda good luck with your degree :3
@ken That sounds really interesting :3 And no one gave me the gift so I don’t class it as regifting :P
@John L. Thanks! :D I try :3
@SteinFussel I shall message you :3 <3
@Deb lol I got an image of a toddler lurking around every corner threatening to disturb your peace.
@Wendy Me too!
@S.J Thats a good idea! I might maybe do that for the one I am trying to get Traditionally published :3
@Tracey my two favourite genres :3 I know I’ll get more written when its quite (and the budgies are gone :x)
@Sarah I love that idea, it sounds so enchanting :3
@Charity I love that you do your own covers like that fantastic!
@Christi well done! :D Getting a positive back at all is a massive step!
@Roy wow interesting! :D
@Barbara good luck with your editing :3 Look forward to seeing it published :D
@Scott wow that sounds good :3 I’m jealous of the negotiations lol
@Kay Good luck! :D

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