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Anybody reading the Archie and Gretchen series?

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Lisa The 6th book in the series has just been released.
Let Me Go.

Anybody reading the series?
What do you think?

Kari I own all 6 in hardback. Just finished "Let Me Go" last night. I love this series. It's specatular and I think Archie Sheridan is one of my favorite main characters. He's not an obvious hero; he's got A LOT of flaws and issues that he's slowly clawing his way through. But each book sees him getting better at dealing with his emotional trauma if not his physical. It would be really difficult to resign yourself to your thought that you'll die when someone else decides when and how. And knowing that person is completely capable of keeping that promise. I find myself feeling very bad for Archie, but at the same time cheering his efforts on. The fact that it's keeping him from having normal relationships is a bit sad for me, but I'm in his corner and that's where I'll stay. It's not my favorite in the series, but I still give it 4 stars because I did like it a lot.

As for Gretchen, she's intriguing. I can't help but wonder how she got to where she is now. And I hope that Archie can find his way away from her but if he did, the series would be over and that would be very bad indeed.

Karen Roguski i have read all if the books including "LET ME GO"....i read each book in one day; just could not put them down.

Lisa I just finished Let me go.
I loved the story and I am wondering now if Chelsea Cain is going to get Susan and Archie together. I would also like to know how many books there are going to be.

I know I will be in the minority here, but I would like to see Archie and Gretchen together. Its so wrong on many counts but it intrigues me.

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Kenya I'm about finished with 'Let Me Go' & honestly, im really quite tired of waiting for Archie to realize that Susan is the one for him, or maybe Cain is doing this to show that she isn't, he's just too damaged. All I know is that at this point, Gretchen is almost 'supernatural' & I feel like Cain is trying to make her more invicible than Hannibal Lecter and Im just not seeing it.

Cindy Bennett I just Finished "let me go" and I loved it, I'm excited about what's going to happen between Archie and Susan. Can't wait for the next book to come out..

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Mike Shoop Just finished "Let Me Go" and liked it, as I have all the books in the series. The relationship between Archie & Gretchen is wickedly sick but Cain makes it so compelling that I can't stop reading. I enjoy thrillers that really move and have intensity, and Cain's stories fit the bill. I am a little weary, though, of Archie being nearly to the point of death several times, that's a little old now. These novels and Jeff Lindsay's Dexter books are like my guilty pleasure reads that I consume in between reading historical novels, which are my main reading interest.

Danielle I have read all her books, and was disappointed in Let Me Go. There was not enough Gretchen in it. It was a good story, but I was expecting a lot more. I also think she should write a pre-quel, to let us know how she got to where she is. That would be fascinating!

Kari I think, before it's all said and done, we'll know where she came from. I think Archie is going to do a bit of digging like he did in the previous book. I don't think a prequel is necessary. She may not have it all figured out, but I don't think Chelsea Cain would do that to us. :)

Danielle You're entitled to your opinion Kari, but I'm not the only one who thinks that a prequel would be really good. What made her what she is? Who influenced her life? There are many questions that I'd love to have answered. : )

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Kari Oh I agree that the questions should be answered. 100%! I'm just not sure a prequel is necessary to do that. We may find out throughout the series itself. That was my point. We may just get to learn bits and pieces on the way. At least I hope so!

Danielle I agree, but I'd rather read a whole book dedicated to her previous life, her parents, her friends, her childhood. I would eat that up in no time!

Kerry Morris I love love love this series!!! Susan is my hero, she's so cutesy and bossy, Chelsea really should make a another series with just her! I agree a prequel would be great for Gretchen but also other characters, this series just makes you want to know more about Gretchen because you never know whats real and whats fake.

Tammy I have read this series. I liked all of them but I feel like they are becoming to repetitive and it is time to wrap it up.

Bruce Tammy wrote: "I have read this series. I liked all of them but I feel like they are becoming to repetitive and it is time to wrap it up."

How many times can Gretchen escape, kidnap Susan and/or Archie before someone puts her down?? I agree that Cain seems to be running out of ideas but the series is still good. Susan and Archie just aren't compatible, I'm not buying their connection as romance. I think it would distract from the book, and frankly, how likely is it that Gretchen would allow such a thing.

Christin There are SIX of these? Good lord. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I've read two. And I'm already tired of the series--I cannot imagine why six were necessary. It's starting to resemble that old TV series "The Fugitive" which took years to come to a reasonable conclusion. Cain is a good writer--but sometimes her plot seems to be just one big setup for the spectacular sex scene that inevitably gets the attention. They are entertaining enough, but I found myself just skimming the last 50-60 pages to get the book finished. I'd like to see Chelsea Cain write about something a little deeper.

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Lisa Voss I've enjoyed these books but think it all needs to be wrapped up soon. Gretchen needs to dealt with once and for all. I don't think anyone could escape justice as many times as she does. The longer it drags on the less fun it will be.

Christin As with all series, you have to keep the characters likable, the plots sensible and the action going--there is no lack of action in these books, but the characters are less and less likable with each one. I won't read any more.

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Bess I am currently reading the first book,but I prefer Susan and Archie to be friends and hopes that or Gretchen dies or she being with Archie,its the one possibilite that could pass my mind.

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Bess Lisa wrote: "I just finished Let me go.
I loved the story and I am wondering now if Chelsea Cain is going to get Susan and Archie together. I would also like to know how many books there are going to be.

I kno..."

Same as you. I really think that Gretchen and Archie should be together,why not??? I dont think he could handel his work for so long like he is.
I want to know about Gretchen more and her feelings for Archie.

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Bess Kenya wrote: "I'm about finished with 'Let Me Go' & honestly, im really quite tired of waiting for Archie to realize that Susan is the one for him, or maybe Cain is doing this to show that she isn't, he's just t..."

I dont like the idea of Susan and Archie together,there are more like brotp. They are so differents and dont make sense to me,I believe in a paternal/fraternal relationship.

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Fin I thought "Let Me Go" jumped the shark at the end. Gretchen takes out an entire group of special forces trained mercenaries? Yeah......no. That was beyond ridiculous and not even remotely believable. I'll read the next in the series to see if she can get the story back to believable but that's going to be hard for her to do.

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Beverley Beresford I have just finished this book and loved it as much as the other Gretchen books. I am very dependent on reading for my sanity as an immobile housebound lady, and although I read many books these are amongst the most enjoyable. I tried Chelsea Cain on the recommendation of Goodreads contributors having previously stuck to James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Archie, Susan and Henry and am just about to read One Kick until the next Gretchen book comes out. Keep them coming you keep me sane, Thank you!

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Joy not sure that there will be another book in the series? the copy I read had the blurb 'The twisted bond between detective Archie Sheridan and serial killer Gretchen Lowell intensifies in this nail-biting CONCLUSION to the new York times bestselling series'. Surely that would indicate that this is the final book in the series?

Beverley Beresford I have since read comments from Chelsea Cain to the effect that she is going to alternate the Gretchen series with the Kick series- can't remember exactly where maybe fan club or facebook- this was a reply to questions about was Kick going to replace the Gretchen books. That would be brilliant as I absolutely loved Kick. Chelsea is such a clever writer- some authors you would buy the book whatever they write! Cant wait for the next of either series!

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Gina CH I loved this series. The last two were probably my least fav, but overall great series.

Carrie-Anne Absolutely loved this series. If you have them on audiobook the narrator is amazing. Think the character of Gretchen is so well written.

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Max Just finished book 6. I started reading Heartsick when it was first released years ago. I didn't think the book would continue as a series. Just recently I discovered that the author has written like 5 more books since! I began with some skepticism, because most mainstream hardcover thrillers disappoint me. But I was genuinely impressed by this. The plot keeps you on edge and the characters are intriguing. It's also sexed up in a unique, and very horrifying, way. I wanted the series to end by Let Me Go cuz I hate waiting for more books.

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