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message 1: by Aleksandar (last edited Aug 21, 2013 11:54AM) (new)

Aleksandar Ćenan (aleksandarenan) | 6 comments I submitted the request for a librarian status a week ago but haven't got any answer so far. So I would ask what is the problem?

message 2: by Aleksandar (new)

Aleksandar Ćenan (aleksandarenan) | 6 comments OK. Thank you.

message 3: by Wm. Scott (new)

Wm. Scott Conway (wsconway) | 6 comments Not everyone gets approved. You have to meet specific criteria, and they may have a cap on how many librarians to have active at any time, and they don't regard requests unless there is a vacancy. Not sure about that though.

I put in a request too, about a month ago. No reply. The reason I requested to be a librarian is because I saw sooooo many books with wrong information, and without covers. It really revs up my OCD to have a book in my collection that is listed incorrectly, and without a cover.

message 4: by Aleksandar (new)

Aleksandar Ćenan (aleksandarenan) | 6 comments Thank you. The only reason I am asking for a librarian status is to add some valuable books I have read in Serbian which are not available on the site. And there are many of such books. It is especially the matter when there is no equivalent issue available in English to add up.

message 5: by Ellie (last edited Aug 21, 2013 05:38AM) (new)

Ellie Loredan (ellieloredan) | 113 comments As far as I know, you don't have to be a librarian to be able to add books. If you search for a book and don't get an entry then there's a link saying 'manually add a book' on the right. Just click there, fill in the information and hit the 'create book' button.

message 6: by Aleksandar (last edited Aug 21, 2013 07:31AM) (new)

Aleksandar Ćenan (aleksandarenan) | 6 comments Thank you Ellie and Armi. I didn't know that. I have just posted 'Add book request' in the 'Adding new books' section.

message 7: by Wm. Scott (new)

Wm. Scott Conway (wsconway) | 6 comments Oddly enough, I just realized that I have been made a librarian. I hadn't checked my e-mail.

I suppose patience is a virtue.

message 8: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 6 comments Me too. Guess I am not the only OCD database gardener.

message 9: by Wm. Scott (new)

Wm. Scott Conway (wsconway) | 6 comments Now, I am a librarian, and I cannot find adequate blocks of time to go through some of my books to add covers. Sigh!

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