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Connie What an amazing friendship that this young man had developed with his elephant. Everything sort of fell into place with the same birth date and the love of the circus. Obviously the elephant was just as responsible for the boy as the boy felt he was for him. The rescue showed the devotion.

Heather steff I was recommended this book by the bookstore staff 6 years ago and have share it with anyone that would read it. This book is truly a great read.

Hartley You will cry

Ali O'Hara Fantastic book! Everyone should read it. I can't imagine how you could not love this book!

Shirley I do not care that the writer was not a professional or if people think his writing was terrible. I am not a book editor nor am I am English professor as some people obviously think they are. I love this book. I love the story, I love Bram, and most of all I love Mo. I'd recommend this book to everyone who loves animals. I happen to be a big elephant lover along with just about every other living creature.

Connie I think it was a great story. It just shows how itelligent and caring. I guess I am just another elephant lover! To think that this is a true story is even more moving and all the talk about elefants being smart is proven to be true in this book.

Desiree I read this book right after I read Water for Elephants. I now need to have a pet Elephant. This was such an amazing story.

Connie Ok try the Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson. Another elephant fix. They are all good stories.

Desiree I just bought that book too!

Amanda_DJ n' Zac I collect Elephants, an this book is one I was very excited to read! I loved it!!!!

Annie Either I am very confused, or there are two books being discussed here. The World's Greatest Elephant is a picture book, and Modoc, I would assume from the comments, seems to be a longer book. How do we get these two books unlinked?

For the record, I loved the picture book!!

Janet What a story! I read this book a few years ago. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to everyone. It is a truly amazing love story of a boy for his elephant and the elephant returned that love. For anyone who is an animal lover, read this book, I'm sure you will enjoy it from the beginning right through to the end. Modoc

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